Babbu Mann gives Music Lessons to Shipra Goyal

by Monita Sharma

Babbu Mann, a huge name in the world of Punjabi music, surprisingly turned a music teacher for young singer Shipra Goyal.

Shipra Goyal who was practicing for her song Saah Chalde at a music studio met Babbu Mann there who gave her some precious little lessons on singing.

The video of this recording was shared on Babbu Mann’s Instagram as well from where it has now got viral among the netizens.

Shipra Goyal, a talented singer from Punjab, recently released a song named Saah Chalde which is receiving a good enough response from her fans.

In the viral video, you can see Babbu Mann sharing his expertise with Shipra. Babbu Mann’s experience comes from his highly successful singing career of about two decades.

Babbu Mann, who’s a household name in Punjab, achieved the pinnacle of success through songs like Mitran Di Chhatri, Saun Di Jhadi, Sharratta, Pind Paera Lagda and many more.

It won’t be wrong to say that Babbu Mann’s contribution to the world of Punjabi music shall be remembered by generations to come.

Though Babbu Mann has given many a super-hit in his music career, but unfortunately, his career as an actor never really took off after Hashar. His first film was Hawaayein released in 2003. He’s also done films like Ekam- the son of soil in which the female lead was Mandy Takhar. Ekam was Mandy Takhar’s first Punjabi movie. 

However, despite not giving many hits, Babbu Mann keeps doing Punjabi movies for his ardent fans who expect him to act in movies on a regular basis.

Babbu Mann has starred in films like Baaz and Banjara. Banjara was Babbu Mann’s last movie and was released in December 2018.

In Banjara, he played a triple role of that of a truck driver. The film revolved around the life of this truck driver spanning three generations.

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