Karan Aujla Opens Up About His Wife Palak and Online Trolling

by IAP Network

Karan Aujla, the celebrated Punjabi singer, recently shared a heartwarming and important aspect of his life – the challenges his wife, Palak, has faced regarding her weight, and the unfortunate online trolling she has endured, often even from women.

In a candid podcast conversation with noted Canada-based journalist Tarannum Thind, Karan Aujla didn’t shy away from addressing this issue. He revealed, “When Palak and I got married, she had to face some harsh comments about her weight, not only from fans but also from women. It was disheartening to see people making insensitive remarks about someone I deeply care for.”

Karan Aujla, who has always been protective of his loved ones, continued, “It’s important for us to remember that everyone has their own journey and health struggles. Palak is an incredible wife and a human being, and her weight doesn’t define her worth. She has always been supportive of me, my sisters and my family, and I admire her strength and resilience.”

This revelation sheds light on the harsh realities of online trolling and body shaming that many individuals, especially women, face in today’s digital age. Karan’s decision to address this issue publicly emphasizes the need for empathy, kindness, and respect on social media and in society as a whole.


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