Ballewood’s Men Finally Break The Silence on #MeToo

by Monita Sharma

With the “MeToo” movement being on an upsurge recently, Ballewood industry voices out to support the crusade against sexual harassment and sexual assault at workplace. However, they claim that the allegations must not turn out to be a rebellious revenge.

Renowned Punjabi film writer, Naresh Kathuria shows his support to the movement, yet requests to put a halt to the misuse. “The history stands testament to the fact that even earlier when the laws were being made in the favour of certain segment of the society, they were being misused to a large extent. Similarly, I extend my genuine backing of the #MeToo movement. However, I really hope and advise that it is being used for honest complaints only,” he states.

The Carry on Jatta writer further adds, “Wherever there’s an unequal power-equation, the person at authority tries to exploit the weaker one. But I think the women should not fear voicing their complaint. If today this revolution picks up in the right direction, the future of our children who want to work in our film industry shall be much better. “

The #MeToo movement has come a long way in disclosing the untold stories with the conquering vocals of #MeToo and pulling down the sexual predators like never before. Syncing with the same, director Ksshitij Chaudhary, who’s given us superhits like Golak Bugni Bank Te Batua, Vekh Baraatan Challiyaan, Mr and Mrs 420 etc, , avers, “I think that the best way to curb injustice is by voicing out your opinion in the public, and the #MeToo movement is providing a great platform for the same. I would also like to emphasize that the victims should complaint as soon as such an unfortunate incident takes place and not wait for 10-15 years to voice their complaint. Any delay will weaken the case further.”

On speaking about his thoughts on Punjabi film industry, in particular, the director says, “As far as our Ballewood industry is concerned, we all are like a close-knit family and I don’t think any such disgraceful incident has been evident here. However, exceptions are there in every profession, and if there are any miscreants in our industry, at least I am not aware of them.”

Punjabi singer and actor, Harish Verma extends his support to the movement. He says, “I truly support the #MeToo movement. But at the same time, I staunchly believe that it should not be misused as it is evident in certain cases.”

On a similar note, Punjabi actor and comedian Binnu Dhillon shares, “My support for women in our industry is always there. As a producer too, I try my best to make sure that the women working in our film feel safe and secure in every way. However, on the occasion of Dusshera, I truly wish and hope that people get rid of their inner negativity and make the work environment for women as much safe and healthy as it is for men.”

We contacted other directors and producers too, but they refused to comment on the issue. 

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