Godday Godday Chaa: Senior Punjabi Women Open Up About Baraat Experiences in New Clip

by Monita Sharma

Sonam Bajwa and Tania starrer Godday Godday Chaa is all set to release on May 26.

In a recent clip released by the makers of the upcoming Punjabi movie Godday Godday Chaa, senior Punjabi women can be seen talking about their experiences of going to a Baraat. The women shared how they were never allowed to accompany men to weddings and how they rebelled against age-old societal customs to celebrate their freedom.

The clip has sparked a wave of excitement among Punjabi movie-goers, who can’t wait to see the movie when it releases on May 26th.

The film, which stars Sonam Bajwa and Tania in the lead, promises to be a laugh riot, a heartwarming tale, and an ode to women’s empowerment all at the same time.

Interestingly, the film’s song “Allarhan De” has already gone viral, with Sonam Bajwa’s insane Bhangra moves stealing the show. It seems that the Punjabi movie industry has finally found its female power duo in Tania and Sonam Bajwa, who play sisters in the movie.

But it’s not just the female leads who are stealing the show. The male leads, Gitaz Bindrakhia and Gurjazz, are also garnering a lot of attention. With such a star-studded cast and a female-dominated storyline, Godday Godday Chaa is truly a rarity in the Punjabi film industry.

As the countdown to the movie begins, we can’t wait to see what other surprises the makers have in store for us. Let’s see what happens in Godday Godday Chaa–Will the women finally get their chance to attend Baraats without fear of harassment? Or will the men continue to be protective?

Let’s see. One thing is for sure. Godday Godday Chaa promises to be a movie that will leave us laughing, crying, and cheering for the women of Punjab.

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