Winter makeovers that you won’t want to miss in wedding season

by Monita Sharma

In terms of fashion and beauty trends, it is difficult to stay on top of them since they are constantly changing every season. As far as seasonal trends are concerned, they are completely at odds with each other. Renowned makeover expert Richa Agarwal, Cleopatra Salon and makeovers recently presented winter makeover previews along with the launch of a lookbook. She also chose the occasion to share winter makeover trends and tips.

Aside from being stylish, these trends remained extremely modern and trendsetting at the same time. In keeping with the ever-changing parameters of winter fashion and makeovers, along with the traditional sensibilities of the people in Chandigarh, Richa Agarwal and Harvin Kathuria present these looks and trends of the season that are sure to inspire future brides.

Fashion trends for the new season were characterized by blingy looks, bold colours, high-end couture fashion and royal accessories. Additionally, information was shared regarding the correct way to use macules, brushes, and fancy and elaborate accessories as well as the correct way to use them.

Taking this opportunity to speak regarding the fresh looks for winter weddings, Richa Agarwal said, “Wedding and festive season are two seasons that are particularly special for us all, for many reasons, and people like to enjoy grand occasions together, and they love to wear gorgeous outfits and attractive looks, and makeovers, hairstyles, and nail art have played a major role in creating these looks. In contrast to last year’s trends, this year’s looks are making a comeback. This is because traditional looks are making a comeback along with a fusion of a little bit of western styles and trends. When the makeup of the eyes is more attractive than the rest of the face, then it is very important to keep the rest of the face simple and unadorned.

In the past, brides used to wear a lot of hairstyles with flower-based accessories, which were very creative, but this year, brides are leaving their hair open with soft curls as their first look, as well as statement maang tikkas with open hairstyles and chokers as their first look. Similarly, this year, bridal looks will be seen in heavy jewelry, and base nude makeup will be seen this year. As far as eye makeup is concerned, we can expect to see blingy, shimmery, dramatic, and bold looks this fall. Compared to summer weddings, winter weddings have a different look and feel to them. Winter weddings have their own unique atmosphere and fun, and it is without a doubt that they are a destination wedding that has a unique atmosphere for the guests as well as the bride and groom themselves. As Richa Agarwal says, “Winter weddings have their own charm and allure, and the bride and groom wish that they could get married in winter as it is the right time for not only fashion, but also beautiful hairstyles and makeup as well. This day is very special for Bride and Groom, so they want to look the most beautiful on this occasion.

The girls want to have special photogenic makeup done on this speciday. This will ensure so that they will look gorgeous in photographs and have the opportunity to share their pictures with family, friends, and on social media. To cater to their specific preferences, we have also launched a lookbook that showcases the latest trends of winter makeovers, taking into account their preferences. There has been a change in the mood in weddings and celebrations since the end of the pandemic stage, and people today are openly enjoying weddings and celebrations with a different brightness that can be observed.

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