Why Are We Saying WOW After Watching ‘Chandigarh Amritsar Chandigarh’?

by Monita Sharma

Gippy Grewal and Sargun Mehta starrer ‘Chandigarh Amritsar Chandigarh’ has finally got released. Heart-warming romance, unique storyline, extremely powerful performances and light-hearted comedy are the best takeaways from the film and make it a perfect film to watch this weekend.

Here’s what made us say Wow after watching Chandigarh Amritsar Chandigarh in theatres last evening:


1. The mind-blowing chemistry between Gippy and Sargun: It is for the first time that Sargun Mehta and Gippy Grewal worked together for a film and with all honesty, we can tell you that they both make an awesome pair. Their arguments switch between being fiery and sweet, making them sound so relatable and close-to-life. The dialogues are cleverly written and keep you hooked till the end. While Sargun’s chutzpah keeps us glued to the screen, we can’t help applauding our #Ambarsariya for his cheerful yet strong personality. 

2. Amritsar: Perhaps no other film in Punjabi cinema has so far captured a Punjabi city on camera like Karan Guilani’s Chandigarh Amritsar Chandigarh has. Amritsar isn’t just a backdrop here, but in fact, it’s a strong character in the movie itself. The makers have made sure to cover all the significant locales of the holy city. Each frame looks beautiful and replete with Amritsar’s vibrance. The movie certainly makes you feel like visiting Amritsar soon. 

3. Fresh Story: The tale of just one day (inspired from Marathi film Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai) is a completely fresh phenomenon in Punjabi cinema and the way the director has steered it with his efficient vision and passion for detail, has left a strong impact on the audiences who are used to watching regular cinema. 

4. Just two characters: Punjabi movies are deemed incomplete without a certain set of veteran actors. We got to have multi-starrer films to have success at box-office! But not anymore. The team of CAC has pulled the story based on the life of just two strangers so well that it has for sure, paved a way for more experiments in our cinema. Here we must give it to the duo of Sargun Mehta and Gippy Grewal, the two most brilliant actors here who have given their all to this film. Their chemistry is natural, their acting doesn’t appear like “acting” on the screen, and above all, they both look awesome on screen together. Both Gippy and Sargun must do more movies together – this pairing can go a long way for sure. 

5.  Naresh Kathooria: The one sequence in the film that makes the kids laugh out real hard is that involving Naresh Kathooria, (the dialogue and screenplay writer of the film). His little appearance in the movie as an elderly man literally steals the show. The sidetrack of Rajpal Yadav also adds some value to the film instead of distracting the audience from the main storyline. 

Overall, Chandigarh Amritsar Chandigarh can be a perfect weekend getaway for you if you are bored of regular period multi-starrer family dramas! 

[h4]Iampunjaabi.com rating: 3.5/5[/h4]

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