Sufna Trailer Review : Ammy Virk and Tania Outperform Themselves

by Monita Sharma

Sufna’s Trailer which got released today has already garnered immense response from the public even though it’s just been an hour that it got released on Youtube. 

 Before we talk about the trailer of Sufna, have a look at it below:


Well-cut, Sufna’s trailer deserves appreciation for providing just enough glimpse of the movie that it builds curiosity within the fans, without actually revealing the entire plot. 

Just one look at the trailer, and one can comfortably assume that Sufna is going to be grand! Grand in look and feel, and might turn out grand at the box-office too, even though it seems to be just a simple love story based on some village characters. 

Although Sufna has been touted as an emotional love story owing to its three songs which have been released already, yet the trailer shows some really cute humorous moments enacted well by Ammy and Tania. 

Surprise entry of seasoned actor Jarnail Singh who voices some deep Bulle Shah couplets switches the tone of the trailer from light-hearted to intense. 

Thanks to Jagdeep Sidhu, the director for serving his audience with something remarkable once again – at least that’s what we can infer from the trailer of Sufna. Also thanks to him for giving an opportunity to Tania to show her mettle by casting her as the lead heroine of this big movie. 

With the songs already a hit, and the trailer being well-liked the viewers, the only wait now is of 14th February when the movie hits the theatres. The only cause of tension could be the challenge for the makers to meet the huge expectations of the audience that’s bent on comparing Sufna with Qismat. 

While looking at Ammy Virk and Tania’s performance in the trailer, one can surely say that the duo has given their top performances in the movie, but we just hope that their efforts turn out well at the box-office too. 

Sufna, releasing on 14th February, has been produced by Panj Paani Films. 

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