Sufna: Punjabi Movie – Here’s All You Should Know About Ammy Virk and Tania Starrer

by Monita Sharma

Sufna is a Punjabi movie starring Ammy Virk and Tania in the lead roles.

After the stupendous success of Qismat, Ammy Virk and Tania are set to star in ‘Sufna’ – but this time both as a lead actor and actress. 

Touted as a Punjabi love/romantic movie, Sufna will release on Valentine’s Day. 

Written and directed by Jagdeep Sidhu, Sufna is a well-knit modern love story of a young couple in Punjab.

Sufna’s Release Date is 14th February 2019. 

Director Jagdeep Sidhu made the announcement of Sufna’s release last year while expressing his gratitude for all the audiences.

He shared: “Thank you so much sadi done bharawa di jodi nu enna pyar den layi …. babe di bhut mehar aa sade te .. ????????.. baki sadi start hi babe ne eho je project to kiti c…hor kuchh kehan di lod hi ni “Zindabad yaariya “ de video ch assi pehli waar kathe hoye c … “ SUFNA “ … ona loka di love story jina baare koi ni soch da … Waheguru mehar kare ????????????… worldwide release 14 feb 2020 .. distribution by – IN HOUSE GROUP @ammyvirk @taniazworld

Produced under the banner of Panj Paani Films, Sufna is said to be an intensely romantic movie. So, mark your calendars for this Valentine’s day. 

Sufna Makers Release Its First Look:

Sufna Ammy Virk Tania

Update 15th January 2020: While Sufna is all set to release on February 14, the makers have released the first look of the lead pair from the film. Ammy Virk took the initiative to release the first-look of poster.

This new fresh on-screen jodi of Tania and Ammy Virk looks seriously in love in the picture, lost in each other’s eyes oblivious of the world around them. 

   Upcoming Punjabi Movie Sufna Is A Part of Qismat Series?

Ammy Virk Sufna Tania

Update: Recently the director of Sufna – Jagdeep Sidhu shared a post of a film’s title poster which was backed by the actor Ammy Virk as well. Ammy and Jagdeep who have worked for seven films now together, generally share posts at the same time related to their common movies together. 

The image that Jagdeep Sidhu shared was that of the title of a new Punjabi movie called ‘Lekh’ which he mentioned will release on 18th September – the same date when earlier this director-actor duo announced Qismat 2 with Sargun Mehta. 

Therefore one is curious to know whether Lekh is a completely new movie or Qismat renamed. But the point to note is that while sharing that post Ammy Virk and Jagdeep Sidhu also mentioned the name of SUFNA.

In fact, they wrote that after ‘Qismat and Sufna, Lekh is a new film in the “series”’. (Read Ammy’s Instagram post here)

So, that confirms that SUFNA starring Ammy Virk and Tania is actually a part of a series that begun with Qismat.

Here we would also like to mention that while Qismat was produced by Shri Narottam Ji Productions, Sufna is being produced by another production house altogether named Panj Paani Films.

   Sufna’s First Song ‘Qubool A’ Released

‘January 11, 2020: The first song of Sufna was released today by the makers which features Tania in it. Interestingly, the makers decided to give Tania all the limelight instead of introducing the lead hero’s character first. (which generally happens in most Punjabi movies’ promotions.)

Qubool A’, is a pure love ballad having a Sufi touch to both the lyrics and the music.

Tania is absolutely stunning in a simple look in the video. Both the choreography and cinematography of Qubool A is amazing, making Qubool A an absolute treat for the eyes! 

Qubool A has been sung by the duo of Hashmat Sultana, while its lyrics have been written by Jaani and B Praak has given its music.

   Ammy Virk Pens A Heartfelt Note For Sufna’s First Song

After releasing the first song from the movie Sufna, Ammy Virk shared his feelings about Qubool A. 

He wrote the following note on his Instagram profile:

Ammy Qubool A

 Commenting on this post, Jagdeep Sidhu wrote, “Love you, Sardarji”.

Sufna’s Second Song – Jaan Deyange Released

Update: 20th Jan 2020:

After Qubool A, Sufna makers released its second song titled Jaan Deyan Ge.

Jaan Deyan Ge has been beautifully sung by Ammy Virk while its music has been given by ace music director B Praak. The well-meaning lyrics of this song are written by Jaani. 

One of the highlights of the video of Jaan Deyange is terrific cinematography which captures the beautiful interiors of a Punjabi village splendidly. The song’s lyrics like “Padhan layi Quran Deyan Ge” suggests that SUFNA might be an inter-religion or inter-caste love story. 

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