Soch Toh Parey: Isha Rikhi, Raghveer Boli and Dheeraj Kumar To Soon Feature In A Romantic Film

by Monita Sharma

With several new movie announcements happening at the beginning of the new year, here’s another one to join the list. Titled ‘Soch Toh Parey’, this new Punjabi movie will hit Punjabi cinema theatres in 2023.

Starring the pretty actress Isha Rikhi, Raghveer Boli, and Dheeraj Kumar in the lead, the film has been helmed by Pankaj Verma, fame ‘Ikko Mikke’ (2020) starring Aditi Sharma and Satinder Sartaaj.

Though the makers of the movie have not yet revealed the exact date of the film’s release, they did mention that it will make it to the big screen in 2023. As far as the writing credits are concerned, they go to Pankaj Verma himself.

The film has been produced by Surinder Sohanpal, Inder Nagra and Shiv Dhiman.

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