Shinda Shinda No Papa Review: All About Family Ties and Funny Vibes

by Monita Sharma

Long awaited Punjabi film starring the real life father son duo — Gippy Grewal and his very talented son, Shinda Grewal —Shinda Shinda No Papa has finally hit the theatres today. This Punjabi flick, while being a total laugh-riot brings to life the poignant  dynamics between a father and his son.

The movie is Punjabi cinema’s first attempt at exploring parent-child relationships, highlighting the communication gap between the two generations, that if bridged properly can lead to healthy and prosperous familial bonds! Starring the charismatic duo of Gippy Grewal and Hina Khan playing the role of parents of ‘Shinda’ (Shinda Grewal), the movie has been creating quite the buzz since its trailer dropped. And let us tell you, it’s all for good reasons!

The story kicks off with Gippy Grewal’s character landing behind bars, thanks to a police report filed by none other than his son, Shinda. Talk about family drama, right? The plot thickens as we see the father-son duo navigate through the parenting styles of India and Canada, with Hina Khan playing the role of Shinda’s mother caught in the middle of their antics.

The chemistry between the characters is just spot-on, making you chuckle and shake your head in amusement at their shenanigans. It’s a story that’s not just about laughs, though; it’s about family, love, and understanding each other better.

Shinda Grewal, who plays the son, has really stepped up his acting game, delivering a performance that’s both endearing and entertaining.

Gippy Grewal, as the father in ‘Shinda Shinda No Papa’, is nothing short of spectacular. He brings a blend of humour and depth to his role, showcasing a range of emotions that resonate with anyone who’s been part of a family. His portrayal of a father’s love, frustration, and ultimate tenderness is both relatable and heartwarming.

And Hina Khan? She’s simply a revelation! Her effort in learning Punjabi and her natural flair adds a layer of authenticity to the movie.

Directed by Amarpreet GS Chhabra, ‘Shinda Shinda No Papa’ is a refreshing take on family comedies. Sure, it has its moments where it feels a bit off-beat, but overall, it’s a film that’ll leave you with a warm feeling in your heart and a smile on your face.

So, if you’re in for a movie that’s all about family fun, quirky moments, and a whole lot of heart, ‘Shinda Shinda No Papa’ is your ticket to a good time. Just sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the ride!

Rating: 4/5

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