Biggest Punjabi Scandal: Man Impersonates Renowned Producer To “Exploit” Girls, Gets Arrested

by Monita Sharma

In perhaps, one of the biggest scandal that has ever broken in Punjabi cinema, a man named Obed Afridi, who was actually impersonating renowned Punjabi film producer Gunbir Singh Sidhu (owner of Whitehill Studios and Whitehill Music), has been arrested by Punjab Police last night. 

Watch: Exclusive interview with Gunbir Singh Sidhu on the Models Blackmail issue:

While speaking to Gunbir Singh Sidhu learnt that Afridi would often call girls acting as Sidhu and ask them to send him photos and videos in many objectionable poses on the pretext of giving them roles in movies or modeling assignments. His malpractices continued for months exploiting several innocent girls. 

“This guy would ask girls that he’s willing to offer them modeling assignments in famous singers’ songs but since he’s a very straightforward person, he would like to know if the girl would be ready for the “compromise” or not,” said Gunbir Sidhu who made sure to take prompt action the moment he learnt about a girl suffering because of his name. 

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Sidhu also told that the man in question, was using two different numbers and after tracing them down he and his team learnt that this man is ‘Obed Afridi ‘who is some kind of a casting agent. 

“We notified the police immediately as the information had reached us that Afridi would be coming down near Mohali for a song shoot. The police then wasted no time in arresting him. He was arrested from Shergah Farm house on 7th September while the FIR was lodged on 6th September,” he said. 

Reportedly, when Afridi’s belongings were searched thoroughly, police got hold of his Tablet in which they were easily able to find the horrific fact that the man had impersonated Gunbir Singh Sidhu on Whatsapp Chats and exploited more than 35 girls and a lot of pictures of these girls were found in the tablet. 

Here’s the full FIR copy: 

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