Sardara and Sons: United by Blood, divided by Culture; Movie releasing on 27th October 2023

by IAP Network

Chandigarh, 14th October 2023: The upcoming Punjabi film “Sardara and Sons” is creating quite a buzz in the industry. The film, set to release on 27th October, features prominent actors Yograj Singh, Sarbjit Cheema, and Roshan Prince in the lead. “Sardara and Sons” is directed by Sarb Nagra and produced by Amandeep Singh under the banner Nuclear Productions. The screenplay is penned by Pankaj Batra and the dialogues by Raju Verma and will be distributed worldwide by OHRI Productions.

The trailer launch bagged word of great appreciation from the audience on all platforms, released recently, giving a glimpse into the intriguing storyline. It follows the story of a typical Punjabi father who moves his family to Canada to live with his elder son, who is already a well-settled citizen of Canada. The family initially struggles to assimilate into Canadian culture, leading to a decision to live independently rather than rely on their son abroad. This cultural gap, despite familial ties, forms the crux of the story.

Adding to the excitement is the release of the film’s songs,’Mittiye Punjab Diye’’ and ‘Duniya’ which lossen the fragrance of warmth in our familial relationships and our native pasts, given the film’s strong cultural theme. The film is getting an overwhelming response around the globe, marking the audience’s interest in watching the movie upon its release.

The film promises to be a unique blend of drama and culture, offering a fresh perspective on the immigrant experience. As we await more updates, the anticipation builds for this promising cinematic piece. It promises a sneak peek into what could be one of this year’s most entertaining films. So mark your calendars and stay tuned for this cinematic treat on 27th October 2023!

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