The iconic film ‘Chann Pardesi’ Releases in Cinemas Again today after 40 years

Chann Pardesi was also the first Punjabi film to win a well-deserving National Film Award.

by Monita Sharma

In Punjabi film industry’s illustrious history, there have been only a few films that have left an indelible mark on the viewers’ conscience. But, Chann Pardesi (1981) is a huge exception. Not only for its technically superior production is concerned, but also some towering performances matched with an intelligibly believable storyline.

The film has now been remastered and releasing worldwide tomorrow – 27 May, in cinemas all over the globe.

Never before and never after have we seen such raw talent on the silver screen with some memorable performances in the shape of Amrish Puri (Jagirdar), Kulbhushan Kharbanda (Nek), Raj Babbar (Laali), Tulsi (Om Puri), Rama Vij (Kammo).

It is also pertinent to mention here, that all these actors named above then made a huge mark in Bollywood, where they swayed the audience with their histrionics, which further translated into successful careers.

The way the director, Chitraarth Singh, treated such a delicate and bold subject is a lesson to be learnt, especially by today’s film makers, who live in a world of ‘make-believe’ and haughtily boast that the viewers will lap whatever they will show on the screen. How wrong can anybody be?

Actually, today’s film makers will do a huge service to themselves and the industry by using this film as a benchmark and case study. Besides the story, Chann Pardesi can also boast of some melodious music and exquisite cinematography despite the technical limitations of those times. This movie has been able to keep its memories fresh even after 40 years of its release and over the period of time the bond is still growing even more stronger.

And by the way, Chann Pardesi was also the first Punjabi film to win a well-deserving National Film Award.

It’s great that the makers of CHANN PARDESI have remastered and released the film again today to would like to again request the producers to prove to the audience as to what the true power of cinema is, which was perfectly understood and harnessed by a behemoth called Chann Pardesi.

One can easily say that what ‘Mother India’ is for Bollywood, ‘Chann Pardesee’ is for our Ballewood.

Chann Pardesee Cast and Crew:

  • Cast: Raj Babbar, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Rama Vij, Amrish Puri
  • Director: Chitraarth Singh
  • Story: Baldev Gill, Ravinder Peepat
  • Dialogue: Baldev Gill
  • Screenplay: Ravinder Peepat
  • Producers: Baldev Gill, JS Cheema, Mrs. Swarn Sedha
  • Music: Surinder Kohli
  • Background Music: Uttam Singh
  • Year of release: 1981

Stills from the Movie- Chann Pardesee

chann pardesi-still-1

chann pardesi-still-2

chann pardesi-still-3

chann pardesi-still-5

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