Ranjit Bawa’s Passionate Message On Punjabi Language At A Concert, while Anticipation Builds for “LehmberGinni” Release On June 2

by Monita Sharma

Renowned Punjabi singer and actor, Ranjit Bawa, recently delivered a passionate message about the importance of learning Punjabi and taking pride in the language and culture during one of his electrifying concerts in Punjab. With his highly anticipated film, “Lehmberginni,” set to release on June 2, Bawa’s words resonated deeply with the audience.

Addressing the crowd, Bawa highlighted the significance of embracing Punjabi as a mother tongue, urging everyone not to feel ashamed of speaking it. He acknowledged that while many individuals of the current generation are seeking better opportunities abroad, it is essential to have people within Punjab who can preserve the rich Punjabi heritage adorned with valiant warriors, peer, pagambar, saints, and holy figures.

Bawa emphasized that Punjab is a land of Vedas, and its history and heritage should be a source of pride for its people.

In addition to promoting Punjabi pride, Ranjit Bawa has always been a crusader for clean music that eschews vulgar themes and gangsterism. His dedication to producing songs with meaningful content has earned him a special place in the hearts of his fans.

Continuing this commitment to family-friendly entertainment, Bawa’s upcoming film, “Lehmberginni,” co-starring popular model Mahira Sharma, promises to be a delightful comedy that can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages.

Directed by Ishaan Chopra and featuring dialogues by Upinder Waraich, “Lehmberginni” is a joint production of SSD Productions, HangBoys Studios, and 91 Film Studios.

The film is eagerly awaited by fans who are eager to witness Ranjit Bawa’s talent and comedic timing on the silver screen. With its release just a few days away, anticipation is building, and audiences are eagerly preparing for a heartwarming cinematic experience.

Ranjit Bawa’s inspiring words at his recent concert and his dedication to clean entertainment continue to establish him as a prominent figure in the Punjabi music and film industry. Through his artistry and advocacy, he strives to foster a deep sense of pride in Punjabi culture and history, encouraging people to celebrate their roots and preserve the rich heritage for generations to come.

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