Rang Panjab: An Exciting Tale Of A Punjabi Police Officer’s Life

by Monita Sharma

Ever since media received the news that Deep Sidhu, who performed an unforgettable role as ‘Jora’ in Jora 10 Numbaria, is coming up with his new flick RANG PANJAB, hype and expectations went soaring high – not just among us, the media persons, but also among the Punjabi audience that’s craving for some meaningful content from our makers. To know whether Deep Sidhu – the protagonist, Rakesh Mehta – the director, Gurpreet Bhullar – the writer, Mandeep Singh Sidhu/Raj Kundra – producers, and the rest of the team were able to fulfill our expectations or not, read on! 

RANG PANJAB is a story of a boy-next-door whose life has been never smooth and destiny puts him through several unpleasant tests. His tumultous life, however, doesn’t stop him from becoming an officer in Punjab Police and hence ensues a series of twists and turns revealing the darkest secrets of our political and police system which make Rang Panjab, truly an exciting feature film to watch. 

One of the best parts of the film is that even within this tale of political clashes, erroneous administrative practices, the film manages to entertain the viewer till the very end. The pace is swift, some scenes are breathtakingly shot, the background music (Sunny Bawra & Inder Bawra), the songs (credit goes to lyricists like Amardeep Singh Gill and singer Sai Sultan for the title track which truly touches the soul), the dialogues (Amardeep Singh Gill) deserving of whistles and thunderous applause and so much more, Rang Panjab shall definitely provide you with an enigmatic cinematic experience with its edge-of-the-seat storyline and remarkable performances. 

Talking about the performances, Deep Sidhu has once again proved that he’s an actor par excellence especially when it comes to the intense scenes. However he needs to improve a bit more when it comes to romantic scenes. Kartar Cheema has given one of the best performances of his life. He truly fits in the role of an antagonist. Hobby Dhaliwal is first-rate as usual and Reena Rai is pretty and all that, but she doesn’t really get a chance to prove her acting prowess through this film. 

Our only complaint is that the suspense was ‘figure-outable’. The writer should’ve been more clever, perhaps! 

Overall, Rang Panjab is a brilliant effort by the whole team that provides full on entertainment. Also, it is one of those rare films that shows a Punjabi Police Officer in a positive light. So book your tickets for Rang Panjab this weekend and gear up for fun-filled weekend. 

Rating: 3.5/5

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