RABB DA RADIO 2: Movie Review (Tarsem Jassar, Simi Chahal)

by Monita Sharma


Rabb Da Radio 2 is a sequel of 2017 superhit film Rabb Da Radio which was the debut film of Tarsem Jassar. Rabb Da Radio 2 begins from where Rabb Da Radio ends. Here’s Iampunjaabi.com’s honest review: 


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Rabb Da Radio 2 starts where its first installment ends. The film, just like its original version, focuses once again on complex family relations typical in a Punjabi village family, with a special emphasis on individual human emotions. While in the last film, Tarsem Jassar was relegated to the backseat making the female characters of the movie stand out, in the sequel, however, Tarsem looks and acts like a true hero and the director has made sure to highlight his character well. 

Simi Chahal despite being married, doesn’t lose her chutzpah at all and she carries her bubbliness and innocence from part 1 into this film as well. The story of Rabb Da Radio 2 is very much predictable and doesn’t leave much scope for the audience to guess, yet the screenplay focusing on even the smallest details backed by awesome background score is comendable. 

For the audiences who are used to entertaining films, Rabb Da Radio 2 might appear to be a slow movie with only some part of the second half racing things a bit. However, the fans of Tarsem Jassar and the ones who love emotional dramas are bound to enjoy Rabb Da Radio 2, IF, they don’t compare it with the Original. 

[h4] Iampunjaabi.com Rating of Rabb Da Radio 2: 3/5 [/h4]


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