Manje Bistre 2: Any Differentiator Or Will It Be Same Old Wedding Drama? Find It Out With IAMPUNJAABI

by Monita Sharma

[h4]Manje Bistre 1 and 2: A Contrast[/h4]

The madness and celebration of Manje Bistre is now back with a ‘videshi’ touch at Canada!

The charm of the bygone era when Punjabi weddings were all about singing bolliyaan, tapping the feet to bhangra & giddha and collecting ‘Manje Bistre’ will come alive on the silver screen on April 12, 2019 as Manje Bistre 2 will mark its release worldwide.

The 2017 Punjabi family drama romantic comedy film, Manje Bistre was a super-duper blockbuste and on this Baisakhi, the sequel of the movie is all set to make a comeback with resonating madness, romance, comedy, and laughter. So, we strike a contrast between both the parts on what all can you expect! 

[h4]An Underlying Storyline[/h4]

As the name of the movie indicates, the main idea behind ‘Manje Bistre’ is to pay an ode to the opulent rites & rituals of the Punjabi weddings and the underlying storyline of Manje Bistre 2 will remain to be the same. 

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[h4]The ‘Global’ Touch[/h4]

However, this time the madness and masti will be double the fun because Manje Bistre team has reached the favourite ‘adda’ of Punjabis, Canada. So, the sequel of the movie will bring a ‘videshi’ touch to the underlying storyline. Watch out for to get a sneak-peak into how our very own Punjabis are making us proud by staying true to their culture and heritage.

[h4]The Plot[/h4]

The plot of Manje Bistre and its sequel is the main differentiator between the two. While the first part of the series was set-up in a traditional backdrop of Punjab, Manje Bistre 2 celebrates the NRI Punjabi wedding. The story of Manje Bistre revolved around a Punjabi wedding, with elements of romance and comedy. Wherein Sukhi, while preparing for his sister’s wedding, meets Rano and immediately falls in love with her. Rano, being Sukhi’ sister’s friend is a hesitant lover and during their romantic alliance many other characters are introduced throughout the film.

However, Manje Bistre 2 narrates the tale of a wedding happening in Canada with all Punjabi rituals. Amid the wedding celebration and rituals, Gippy Grewal, the lead actor falls for a beautiful girl played by Simi Chahal and their romance starts stirring. However, the trouble in the paradise comes when Gippy unknowingly ends up having a heated argument with Simi’s father.

[h4]The Romantic Affair[/h4]

While Manje Bistre saw the romantic affair of Sonam Bajwa and Gippy Grewal, Manje Bistre 2 will witness the first time on-screen duo of Gippy Grewal and Simi Chahal who made her Punjabi film debut with Bambukat in 2016. The jodi is being praised by the critics for their jovial charm.

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[h4] The Music [/h4]

The melodious symphonies of Manje Bistre including its title track, Boliyan and Zubaan have already won the hearts of people across the globe. So, we are eagerly waiting for April 12, 2019 to finally watch Manje Bistre 2 on the big screen. What about you?

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