Lekh: Sargun Mehta and Ammy Virk’s Punjabi Movie Is Actually Qismat 2?

by Monita Sharma

Punjabi movie Lekh starring Sargun Mehta and Ammy Virk is just another one added to the list of Punjabi movies releasing in 2020. The rumour has it that Lekh was originally Qismat’s sequel only but due to some reasons the idea of a Qismat 2 got canceled. 

If reports are to be believed that then the producers of Qismat which released in 2018 and was a huge box-office success, haven’t agreed to go for Qismat 2. Hence, Ammy Virk, Sargun Mehta and the director Jagdeep Sidhu have decided to go for an entirely new name for this Punjabi movie. 

Hence Lekh’s idea was born.

Punjabi Movie Lekh will release on the same date as Qismat 2 was announced – 18th September 2020. 

Another piece of news is that Ammy Virk has included even his Valentine’s release -Sufna (releasing on 14th February 2020) as the part of Qismat series only. 

In social media posts announcing ‘Lekh’, both actor Ammy Virk and director Jagdeep Sidhu mentioned that after Qismat and Sufna, Lekh is going to be next in the series. 

However, we’re still not sure how can Ammy Virk and Jagdeep Sidhu call Sufna, a part of Qismat series because Qismat and Sufna are produced by two completely different production houses. 

While Qismat was produced by Shri Narottam Ji Films, Sufna is being produced by Panj Paani Films. Now we’ll have to wait and watch – who will actually produce ‘Lekh’ because this Punjabi movie starring Ammy Virk and Sargun Mehta is though releasing on the same date as Qismat, yet who’s going to bankroll this project, hasn’t been announced as yet. 

All we can hope right now is that ‘Lekh’, if indeed, it is the sequel of Qismat, then it turns out to be a success just like the original. Audience would surely like to get more updates on Lekh, a Punjabi movie,  that’s created curiosity with just its one title poster! 

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