“Lehmberginni” Trailer Starring Ranjit Bawa and Mahira Sharma Set to Release Tomorrow, Get Ready for a Laughter Riot!

by Monita Sharma

“Lehmberginni”, upcoming Punjabi movie starring Ranjit Bawa and Mahira Sharma is all set to release on June 2nd!

Get ready to buckle up your seatbelts and hold your laughter, as the much-awaited trailer of the new Punjabi film “Lehmberginni” is all set to release tomorrow, May 13th! This upcoming flick starring the versatile Ranjit Bawa and the stunning Mahira Sharma, who rose to fame with her presence in Bigg Boss and Hindi TV shows, is undoubtedly going to be a rollercoaster ride of entertainment.

Written and directed by the ace filmmaker Ishaan Chopra, with dialogues by the legendary Upinder Waraich, “Lehmberginni” is produced by Jass Dhami, Shabeel Shamsher Singh, Sykhmanpreet Singh, Nandita Rao Karnad, and Naveen Chandra, in a joint production by SSD Productions, HangBoyz Studios, and 91 Film Studios. The movie also boasts an ensemble cast of Sarabjeet Cheema, Nirmal Rishi, Kimi Verma, Shivam Sharma, Gurteg Singh, Ashok Tangri, and Guri Singh, among others.

This laughter riot promises to leave you in splits with Ranjit Bawa playing the role of Lehmber, and Mahira Sharma as Ginni. With worldwide release by Whitehill Studios, “Lehmberginni” is one of the most anticipated Punjabi films of the year, and fans can hardly wait to get a glimpse of what’s in store for them.

So, brace yourselves for the much-awaited trailer release tomorrow, which is bound to take the internet by storm. With the perfect blend of comedy, romance, and drama, “Lehmberginni” is all set to bring a fresh wave of entertainment, and the trailer is just the beginning!

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