Last Year He Matched His Turban With His Rolls Royce(s), This Year Reuben Singh Goes Viral Again With His ‘Jewels’

by Monita Sharma

We posted the news in January last year that Reuben Singh, a business tycoon in England, decided to accept the challenge posed to him by an Englishman regarding his “turban” and Singh gave a befitting reply to him by matching his turban with his collection of Rolls Royces, and posing with them everyday for a week.

Ref: Challenged by an Englishman, Reuben Singh gives a befitting reply with his ‘Turban’

Reuben, who is the CEO of AlldayPA, and the founder of Miss Attitude, has now again gone viral again after he posted pictures of his six brand new Rolls-Royce and he calls it “The Jewels Collection”.

In the post, Reuben wrote, “The Jewels Collection. Rubies, Sapphires & Emeralds. It’s ok to be a little obsessed with jewellery as jewellery is like ice cream ‘there is always a little room for more’.” 

The picture shows three Rolls-Royce Phantom cars and three Rolls-Royce Cullinan. 

Singh also made a very philosophical notes wherein he said, “In life so many things we do for ourselves are then irrelevantly questioned by others. People ask why? For what? Because of? What’s the point?” he posted.

Reuben Singh, who is also called British Bill Gates,  served under the former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair on a government advisory panel on small businesses and the Competitiveness Council. 

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