Khatre Da Ghuggu: Turning Childhood Dreams into a Reality

by Monita Sharma

Diljott, Jordan Sandhu, and BN Sharma starrer Khatre Da Ghuggu is slated to release on January 17, 2020

The Punjabi film industry is all set to kick-start 2020 with utmost zeal as Khatre Da Ghuggu knocks the door on January 17.

Produced by Ananta Film and directed by Shivtar Shiv and Aman Cheema, Khatre Da Ghuggu narrates the story of a Radio Jockey named Fateh who is being played by Jordan Sandhu.

While speaking to, Jordan Sandhu said, “Fateh works as a Radio Jockey to earn money and fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a singer. Owing to his huge fan following, Fateh meets ‘Meet’ who is being played by Diljott.”

So the story is all about the duo getting attracted to each other and how they eventually fall in love eventually. But as destiny would have it, this love story finds its share of thorns.

The girl’s father ‘Kanwar Mahinder Singh’ who is being played by the talented comedian B. N. Sharma disapproves the relationship. A very superstitious person, Kanwar, works for the Punjab Electricity Board, who is already unhappy with his family, office workers and his whole life.

With many ups and downs because of a gangster, an astrologer, a hypocrite, and various circumstances, the story unfolds in a rather comic and interesting way which promises to keep the audiences intrigued till the end.

Will Meet get his love? will Fateh become a singer? will enthusiasm come back in Kanwar Mahinder Singh’s life? All these questions are answered in an entertaining way in the film ‘Khatre Da Ghuggu’. Mark your calendars for 17th January to know more!

Watch the trailer of Khatre Da Ghuggu here:

Watch the newly released song of Khatre Da Ghuggu in the voice of Jordan Sandhu

The promotions of Khatre Da Ghuggu are on and the audience are expecting this film to be a good Punjabi comedy that will mark the beginning of Punjabi cinema’s 2020 calendar. 

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