“Jaipur-based entrepreneur Preeti Daga wins the Icons of Asia award for her enterprising spirit as a woman entrepreneur.”

by Monita Sharma

Renowned entrepreneur and career coach Preeti Daga from Jaipur has won the ‘Icons of Asia’ award, recognizing her as an enterprising woman entrepreneur who has made positive changes in the technology sector.

Preeti has been dedicated to inspiring women entrepreneurs to explore the field of technology and was recognized for her passion and drive at the award ceremony, which aimed to honor those who have made significant contributions to their country and city through hard work, innovation, and dedication.

The event brought together awardees from all over India and was presented by notable figures such as Saanya Mulaan, Renowned Social Worker & Fashion Designer, and Dr. Manoj Gorkela, Advocate General for the State of Uttarakhand at the Supreme Court of India.

The discussion focused on how India is leading Asia with its greatest entrepreneurs and educators, and how entrepreneurs are solving real-world problems.

Receiving the award, Preeti Daga expressed her immense pride and gratitude, stating that it is a significant milestone in her life and a recognition of her unwavering commitment and tenacity. She hopes that this award will inspire other women entrepreneurs to push the envelope and pursue their dreams.

The event was graced by several eminent personalities, including Dr. Neeraj A. Sharma, Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Palau to India, and Lord Diljit Rana, Member of Parliament, House of Lords, United Kingdom, among others.

Overall, it was a celebration of entrepreneurship and achievement, and a testament to the power of hard work and dedication.

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