Irish Music & Drama School forays into India with its grading & academic programmes

by Monita Sharma

[h4]Ireland’s Leinster School of Music & Drama introduces authentic gradation systems in music & drama, learners to benefit. [/h4]

The Leinster School of Music & Drama (LSMD) which has been established under the aegis of Griffith College, is a national examining body in Ireland and is a centre for excellence in music and drama education and training since 1904. The LSMD is Ireland’s largest independent music and drama examining body. Since its founding, the school has produced an array of accomplished performers and pedagogues.

(L-R) Deepak Luthra, Kevin Geoghegan and Nisha Luthra pose at an event organised to discuss details about Leinster School of Music & Drama, Ireland

Mr. Kevin Geoghegan, Director, International office, Griffith College, Mr. Deepak Luthra,Head of India & South Asia, Griffith College and Mrs.Nisha Luthra, Head of Operations(India), LSMD and Founder of The Narrators, interacted with media  about LSMD’s vision for the region and how learners of theater and music  can benefit, by the International examining and pedagogy model presented by LSMD.  

Kevin Geoghegan said, “Our mission is to nurture and support music and drama education and training. Through the LSMD’s graded music and drama examinations, diplomas and teacher training courses, its aim is to make music and drama tuition and training accessible. The LSMD’s graded exams are designed to encourage learners’ technical and artistic development.”

Nisha Luthra said, “The LSMD not only provides graded examinations for learners, it also has a number of academic programmes in drama education. In particular, the Higher Diploma in Arts in Drama Education is Ireland’s only specialised certification in drama education qualification and is designed for the contemporary practitioner in drama education, whether they are interested in teaching in a school or running a practice or studio.”

Said Deepak Luthra, “Learners who successfully complete any of the LSMD grades will find that in some disciplines, such as music or drama, where portfolios or demonstration of work may be required, will aid their admission to both academic or practical programmes at the university level.  Griffith College would be happy to welcome such learners to apply for its degree programmes in Music Production, Music Technology and Film and TV.”

Adds Kevin, “Bollywood has been instrumental in creating huge awareness about careers in acting and even music. Our initiative in India starting from Chandigarh will be to formalise education in music and drama using our expertise. We are looking for tie ups with regional and national drama & theatre organisations and even schools and colleges. This will be not just to offer graded exams but a formal curriculum too.”

Nisha added, “Soft skills are one of the most important aspects these days for those looking for employment. A focus on formal drama training polishes an individual’s personality and makes him of her future ready for any challenge in life. Those schools , educational institutes , theater & music academies etc who would like to get into an international gradation system and formal curriculum in music & theater can write in” ”  

A highly modern digital examination and tutelage system, which makes the process affordable, is a key advantage which will accrue to learners in music and drama.

It is noteworthy that LSMD has already started its initiative with  Ms. Karen Casey (Head of Faculty-LSMD) and Ms. Sheila Nolan (LSMD Drama Examiner) assessing recordings of rehearsals of students who enacted ‘Thy Work is done’ – a stage play performed by students of Vivek High School. The play was directed by The Narrators, founded by Nisha Luthra. The participants were awarded a LSMD certificate by Mr. Kevin Geoghegan & Mr. Deepak Luthra. 

It is pertinent to mention here that learners can also apply to Griffith’s large portfolio of programs in Business, Finance, Computing, Law, Pharmaceuticals, Interior, Fashion and Communication Design, Hospitality and Photography. While studying these programmes, learners can also continue with their LSMD Grade exams. What’s more, academic scholarships will be available to all students of who enter degree programmes with Griffith College.

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