Holi-Proof Your Skin with Aromatherapy: Purnima Goyal

by Monita Sharma

Who doesn’t want to enjoy the festival of colors but as we think of celebrating it with all pomp and show we also remain concerned and worried about our skin getting exposed to colors of Holi that are harsh and laden with chemicals, hence the spirit and excitement to play Holi gets faded somewhere. 

 Although this year everyone is more cautious about playing Holi, still people are making Holi Milan programs either with their family members or with their very special friends and are ready to play Holi with their near and dear ones.
Nowadays people have many options of colors to play Holi with such as natural, eco-friendly, homemade, and aromatherapy-based colors, and also there are many natural options for getting rid of the color from skin and hair. Beauty expert Purnima Goyal, shares some easy and natural ways to remove colours of holi from skin and hair and opting for colors that are safe to use. She also shares some Dos and Dont’s. 
As everyone knows, chemical colors react badly on the skin and hair, causing a chemical layer to form on the skin and hair. And due to this problem, the skin and scalp can become sensitive and may also have problems with itching, rashes, etc. People with extremely sensitive and dehydrated skin, or those suffering from problems such as thyroid or pyrosis, or any type of hormonal imbalance, should avoid playing Holi. If however, they want to play, then they can add drops of tea tree or lavender oil to their bathwater to reverse the opposite effects of colors.

For Pre Holi and Post Holi skincare you can apply almond oil to your body, it is rich in Vitamin E and enhances your skin health while providing a protective barrier against harsh colors. If you do not have almond oil, you can replace it with olive oil or coconut oil, which is good for enhancing the texture and tone of your skin. Don’t forget to coat your hair, as well as  your scalp.

Since Holi is played in the open, problems like skin tanning, sunburn are very common too, so it is important to keep the skin moisturized and use sun protection cream, you can apply waterproof sunscreen. For your lips and skin, you can apply petroleum jelly on your skin before playing Holi. Also, make sure that you apply petroleum jelly to your eyelids and the area under your eyes as well. As you are completely covered in cotton clothes, in such a situation, you should also protect your nails, apply two colors of nail paint and oil on the nails as well as protect them from the colors.

Usually, after playing Holi, people like to shampoo their hair several times to remove color from hair and scalp, and while doing so they rub their scalp as well or apply bleach to remove the color from hair, But by these means, the colors do not come out of the scalp or hair, they are sealed under the layer of bleach. Overuse of chemicals with color and then the use of bleach can infect the scalp, causing the problem of untimely white hair, dry skin, etc. Keep in mind that you should always use shampoo only after diluting it and apply the conditioner to your hair and not to the roots or to the scalp.

In addition, it is very important to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized while cleansing the skin, do not use scrubs or soapy face washes, apply a homemade face pack and apply it on dry honey by gently milking it. , You can make a scrub by applying papaya seeds, shea seeds and adding it to the scrubbing effect, and add lemon juice to the raw milk, apply it lightly on your skin. Lemon, milk, and coconut milk act as a natural bleach and are the safest and easiest option for removing color from the skin. You can also take the help of aromatherapy and use it by mixing 1 big spoon of jojoba oil or lavender and then 2 drops of jasmine oil, this will keep your skin moisture intact even during Holi and flax. -Burn- You will be saved from skin problems etc. Also, these natural packs will keep the level of moisture in your skin etc.

Now, with skin-proof protection, you can relax a little and then go to a good salon and spa to enhance your beauty and go for a natural manicure, pedicure, hair spa and lymphatic drainage massage, which not only gives you Will give comfort but also detoxify. You can also opt for a full-body spa, especially a chocolate spa that may be best for you, and include a good amount of fruits and juices in your diet for diet.

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