Harbhajan Reaches His Native Village Khemuana, Shares Photos With Fans

by Monita Sharma

[h3]Renowned Punjabi actor and singer, Harbhajan Mann arrived in his native village of Khemuana yesterday. Here are some of the photos he shared on his Instagram account. In these heartfelt pictures Harbhajan Mann is seen together with the people of his village and fans.[/h3]

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Sharing with his fans, Mann wrote: “Kal mere jaddi pind Khemuana ch duron-duron chal ke aaye fans de rubru hoke bahut changa lagga. Eh saath baniya rave????????
Meet & greet with fans in my village Khemuana yesterday.”

harbhajan maan

Harbhajan Mann is active on social media and frequently shares his videos and pictures with his followers. He has been active in the Punjabi industry for the past several years and has been a huge promoter of clean music.

He has contributed a lot to Punjabi cinema with films like Jee Aaya Nu. Harbhajan Mann is in fact, considered to be the pioneer in reviving Punjabi cinema both as an actor and as a producer. As far as his films are concerned, they are always unique in many ways.

Having a strong Canadian background, Harbhajan Mann often makes film based on life of Punjabis in Canada. His next Punjabi film will release in 2020. The film is titled as ‘PR’ referring to Permanent Residency status in a country. 

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