Gippy Grewal Teases Fans with Sargun Mehta’s Surprise Appearance In A Reel with Carry On Jatta 3’s Farishtey Song In The Background

by Monita Sharma

In a surprising turn of events, renowned Punjabi actor and producer Gippy Grewal, known for his blockbuster films, teased his fans with a captivating clip today. Gippy Grewal, the mastermind behind Humble Motion Pictures, recently shared a video on social media that has set fans buzzing with excitement.

The clip begins with Gippy Grewal and the talented actress Sargun Mehta, known for her remarkable performances in Punjabi cinema, sharing a delightful moment. Sargun Mehta can also be seen teasing Gippy and saying, “Jatt Nu Chudail Takri”. However, what caught everyone’s attention was the infectious background music playing throughout the video – a song called “Farishtey” from Gippy Grewal’s highly anticipated upcoming movie, Carry On Jatta 3 releasing on June 29 with Sonam Bajwa playing his leading lady in the film.

Since Gippy Grewal’s production house, Humble Motion Pictures, is not only behind Carry On Jatta 3 but is also producing another film titled Jatt Nu Chudail Takri, the heroine of which is going to be the talented Sargun Mehta – Gippy’s today’s reel has left his fans ecstatic.

While Carry On Jatta 3 boasts a star-studded cast, including Gippy Grewal and the talented Sonam Bajwa as the lead actors, the unexpected appearance of Sargun Mehta in Gippy Grewal’s recent video has raised intriguing questions.

Could Sargun Mehta be a surprise addition to the cast of Carry On Jatta 3? Or was today’s clip a crossover promotion of both Carry on Jatta 3 along with Jatt Nu Chudail Takri?

Carry On Jatta 3’s production team is leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to promote the movie, building anticipation among fans and promising another entertaining installment in the Carry On Jatta franchise.

The song, “Farishtey,” from the movie, sung by Bpraak and penned by Jaani has taken the internet by storm, quickly becoming viral and creating a buzz among fans and music enthusiasts alike. With its catchy beats and energetic rhythm, the song has already become a favorite among Punjabi music lovers.

As for Jatt Nu Chudail Takri, Gippy Grewal’s next production, it is set to release on October 13. With Gippy Grewal and Sargun Mehta headlining the cast, fans can expect yet another exceptional film from the collaboration.

Gippy Grewal’s surprising move to release the video featuring Sargun Mehta has left fans eagerly awaiting further updates and announcements. With the combination of Gippy Grewal’s creative vision and the talent of renowned actors, the future looks promising for Punjabi cinema enthusiasts.

In the coming months, audiences will witness the magic unfold on the silver screen as Carry On Jatta 3 and Jatt Nu Chudail Takri bring forth an extraordinary blend of entertainment, music, and storytelling, proving once again that Gippy Grewal’s Humble Motion Pictures is at the forefront of delivering memorable cinematic experiences to Punjabi film lovers worldwide.

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