Gaun: Punjabi Pop Star Jasmine Sandlas Surprises Fans with A Traditional Folk Song from Upcoming Period Film “Maurh

by Monita Sharma

In a stunning departure from her usual pop style, renowned Punjabi pop star Jasmine Sandlas has astounded fans with her soulful rendition of the traditional Punjabi folk song “Gaun.” The song, which serves as a promotional single for the highly anticipated Punjabi period film “Maurh,” has captivated audiences with its rich cultural essence and heartfelt vocals.

“Gaun,” composed, written, and musically arranged by the talented Bunty Bains, showcases Jasmine Sandlas’ versatility and ability to seamlessly adapt to various genres. This unexpected deviation from her signature pop sound has garnered immense attention and praise from fans and critics alike, eagerly awaiting the release of “Maurh.”

In the accompanying music video, Jasmine Sandlas sheds her vibrant pink hair and dons a rustic avatar, perfectly embodying the essence of a Punjabi village singer. Dressed in an exquisite Punjabi orange salwar kameez, she exudes grace and authenticity, transporting viewers to the era depicted in the movie.

Speaking about her unique role in “Gaun” and the film “Maurh,” Jasmine Sandlas expressed her excitement, saying, “This is an incredible opportunity for me to connect with my roots and pay homage to the vibrant culture of Punjab. Working on ‘Maurh’ has been a remarkable journey, and I am grateful to be a part of this prestigious project.”

“Maurh,” directed and written by the talented Jatinder Mauhar, takes viewers on a captivating cinematic journey through the life of the legendary dacoit Jeona Maurh, portrayed by the versatile Ammy Virk. Alongside Ammy Virk, Dev Kharoud delivers a power-packed performance as Jeona Maurh’s brother, adding depth to the narrative.

The film boasts a star-studded ensemble, including Naiqra Kaur, Richa Bhatt, Jarnails Singh, Amiek Virk, Vikramjeet Virk, Marc Randhawa, and many more, who bring their exceptional talents to the screen, elevating the storytelling experience.

Produced by Karaj Gill and Jatin Sethi of Rhythm Boyz and Naad Studios respectively, “Maurh” has garnered tremendous anticipation due to its status as one of the most expensive and high-budget Punjabi movies to date. With its immersive storyline, grandeur, and exceptional performances, the film is set to captivate audiences upon its release.

Mark your calendars as “Maurh” is all set to hit the silver screens on June 9, promising an enthralling cinematic experience that beautifully showcases the rich cultural heritage of Punjab and pays homage to the legendary Jeona Maurh.

Don’t miss Jasmine Sandlas’ mesmerizing rendition of “Gaun” by clicking on the link provided and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through the realms of Punjabi folk music and cinema.

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