Dev Kharoud’s Zakhmi: Three Things That Are Special About This Punjabi Movie

by Monita Sharma

Dev Kharoud’s Zakhmi has all the potential to be another of his blockbuster movies just in the lines of his previous Punjabi action movies.

Zakhmi Dev Kharoud Poster Showcasing the story of a family man who would go to any extent to protect his family comprising a wife (Aanchal Singh) and daughter (played by a charming child artiste whose name hasn’t yet been revealed), Zakhmi’s teaser has already been released.

So here is why we think that Zakhmi has the potential to be another Pollywood blockbuster:

1. Rich Storyline: Dev Kharoud’s Zakhmi one of the strongest points seems to be its rich logic-based storyline which will be packed with enough action and thrill. So just like Dev Kharould’s other movies, Zakhmi will serve his fans just what they expect the most from him – terrific action and realistic acting!

2. Aanchal Singh: Aanchal Singh is a Bollywood and Tamil actress and model who’s making her entry in Punjabi cinema with Dev Kharoud in Zakhmi. Her pairing with Dev Kharoud is already being loved by fans. So her stepping into Zakhmi is seen as another USP of the film. Not to forget her look and expression in the teaser that completely gel with the theme of the movie.

3. Child artiste: Any film that has child artistes as one of the important characters of the movie (eg. Shinda in Ardaas Karaan, young Simi Chahal in Daana Paani, Uda Aida’s all child artistes) gets an advantage of being able to emotionally grip the audience. In Zakhmi’s teaser, we can already see how the little girl playing Dev Kharoud’s daughter in Zakhmi is able to hook the audience with her innocence!

Zakhmi will release on 7th February 2020. It is produced by Binnu Dhillon and Ashu Munish Sahni. Further, Zakhmi is being directed by Inderpal Singh. 

Watch the Teaser of Zakhmi below, in case you haven’t watched it as yet

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