Mallika Gambhir Shares Detox Beauty Recipes For Glowing From Inside Out

by Monita Sharma
15 days plan for achieving winter-ready beautiful bridal skin. 
The onset of winter is here and the season remains most favored for weddings and celebrations, cool breeze, humidity-free and sweat-free weather makes it a perfect season for organizing weddings and enjoying the celebration as its the time to rejoice best of wedding delicacies and flaunt Haute couture fashion and done best of the makeup. 
For brides, the season definitely offers plenty of reasons to go bold or experiment with wedding makeup and hairstyle but the weather brings along a plethora of beauty and skin related issues. Sadly but at the same time, the weather is not considered very healthy for the skin.
With winters many skin problems like rough, patchy, dry, dull, dehydrated skin, sadly every year this also remains the season when many metropolitan cities like Delhi deal with the problem of pollution which aggravates the skin issues.
However, by preparing your skin beforehand and making it combat after-effects of pollutions you can a beauty regime that takes care of your skin from inside out, follow these 15 days plan to work on your skin and accentuate the beauty of your skin and protect it from the after-effects of pollution and also to remain in great shape.
As you relish recipes made with these winter-friendly vegetables and fruits you reap the benefits by applying them straight onto your skin without worrying about the side effects as you do in case of cosmetics and expansive skincare brands. Moreover, you must take precautions to not to experiments with beauty products just before your wedding. Trying ingredients from your kitchen remains a safe and sure way to ward off harm caused by pollution and weather. 
Carrots: Winters is the perfect time to gorge on delicacies made with carrots,
Make sure to add carrots into your daily diet plan, they are excellent sources of beta carotene and prevent aging, eliminating the damage caused to your skin by harsh UV rays, pollution, dirt and grime while adding nourishment and glow to your skin. 
Include carrots in the form of soup or salad mixed with tomato to get the maximum benefits you can include it before lunch and dinner in your diet, to multiply the benefits you can also add a small piece of beetroot, garlic, and beetroot. Sprinkle parsley, lemongrass, and black pepper to enhance the taste. 
Carrot beauty Pack – As you eat carrot you can optimize the benefits of the same by making a face pack with it and benefiting your skin with its nourishment. 
Carrot Skin Pack: Take the juice of carrot, add potato juice and few drops of lemon juice, apply this in the evening and keep on the skin for 15 minutes. You can apply it daily to see this giving you skin with a glow. This natural and easy to make pack comes loaded with immense nourishment, vitamins, and minerals that work like building blocks for your skin.
Tomato Beauty Pack 
Add the goodness of tomatoes to your diet, they provide lycopene which provides antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. Taking this as soup increases its nutritional value and applying this on the skin will take care of ugly scars, pigmentation, melasma, and tanning. This works as an excellent toner and helps in minimizing large open pores thus tightening your skin. 
Vitamin C: Beauty brands and dietitians are raving about the benefits of Vitamin C for good skin, vitamin C maintains good collagen levels in the skin which is responsible for wrinkle-free and tight skin.  Use citrus fruits in your daily diet and lemon, oranges, guava and Aamla are richest sources of Vitamin C, so ensure that you have the required amount of citrus fruit included in your daily meal plan. Include Aamla chutney made with garlic and green onion and Himalayan pink salt in your daily diet. Even if you forget to have your share of fruit this chutney will work as a savior and detox your skin while giving you a natural glow that will stay for long. 
Beauty Recipe; Very simple beauty recipe can be prepared with citrus fruit, take orange juice, mix powder of oats in the juice and apply on your skin, keep it to dry off for 15 minutes followed by a rinse with cold water. Regular usage of this skincare recipe should begin diminishing your skin patches and pigmentation. Forget about investing in exorbitant Vitamin C based creams or face packs that come with tall claims and are not always safe for your skin, even if you are going for organic brands you never know how your skin will respond to these products. Hence sticking to natural ingredients straight from your kitchen will ensure that you are applying beauty enhancers sans side effects. 
Skin tightening and nourishment with proteins 
Keratin, collagen, and elastin are obtained from protein, don’t underestimate the benefits of protein and include protein-rich food in your diet, Chicken, eggs, soybean, cold-water fish and raw milk remain  excellent sources to replenish requirement of protein, Those on vegan diet can have their intake of protein with tofu, quinoa, chia seeds, pulses, kidney beans, soya, and beans. . 
Replace your snacks with a good dose of soaked dry fruits like walnut, almonds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds. They are rich in omega 3, vitamin e and offer essential nutrition needed by body and skin, you can make granola bar too with soaked nuts and munch them when you have craving for something sweet. Avoid taking sugar in excess as sugar accelerates the process of aging. 
Beauty Recipe: Walnuts make an excellent choice for scrub, crush soaked walnut and almonds, mix them with crushed almonds, soaked chia seeds, raw milk and scrub on your skin gently to exfoliate, once mixed with raw milk this defoliator will not only brighten your skin but tone it as well. 
Make sure to add a good amount of berries like cranberries and blackberries to your diet, they are called superfoods because of the multiple health benefits they offer for your organs and skin. Last but not least don’t forget to drink a good amount of water, at least 8 glasses of water is a must, you can also have a regular intake of coconut water, many people don’t want to take coconut water in winters but you can definitely have it during day time, around 11 am or 12 o clock, which is the best time. Make sure during the first half of the day consume a lot of liquid as the first half should be time for a detox. 
Beauty Recipe 
You can make good use of Nariyal cream, take crushed coconut malai, add few drops of lemon juice and apply straight to the face, this shall remove stubborn sun tanning and moisturize your skin. 
In addition to rope in healthy changes in your diet, you must also replace sugar quoted sweets with sweets made with dry fruits and jaggery, add flax seeds in these sweets to enhance nutritional value. 

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