Binnu Dhillon Wants Dr Priyanka Reddy Rapists To Be Burnt Alive

by Monita Sharma

Reacting angrily towards the horrific incident of Hyderabad veterinary doctor’s rape and murder wherein the victim was burnt to death, Punjabi actor and producer Binnu Dhillon said that he really wishes ‘someone in power would burn the rapists alive too.”

Binnu Dhillon expressed his grief on his social media today and strongly demanded justice. He captioned his Instagram post as:

“I can’t even say RIP .. coz how would her soul even Rest In Peace when such inhumanity has been done to her alive . I just really wish that someone in power would burn the rapists alive too ???????? #India ????????needs strictet laws fr #Rape” 

Other Punjabi artists like Harbhajan Mann, Miss Pooja, Payal Rajput, Jaani and more also took to their social media handles to express their grief on the incident. 

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