Binnu Reacts On Kavita’s Decision: It’s Her Right NOT To Work With Me, But I would like to Work With Her 100%

by Monita Sharma

Recently, Kavita Kaushik shook the Punjabi film world with her statement that she no longer wants to work with her Vekh Baraatan Challiyan and Vadhaiyiyan Ji Vadhayiyaan co-star Binnu Dhillon, the same actor with whom she made her debut in Punjabi cinema! 

It all started when two days back she retweeted a Tweet by a leading daily which carried a link to an interview of hers in which she has made it clear quite blatantly that she will “never” work with Binnu Dhillon again. According to her, Binnu Dhillon’s movies are just about Binnu Dhillon and the audience comes to watch only him on the screen while she (Kavita) feels embarrassed to play that heroine who’s got nothing else to do except looking good and dancing around. She further said that she would like to work in films wherein a woman is also offered a meaty role! 

[h4]”Better I do a small film, a different subject, in which I hope the audience comes to see me….I want to create a different market for myself, hence I don’t want to do a movie with Binnu. He has created a fan base in Punjab, I want to do that with my work.”  said Kavita[/h4]


Interestingly, this statement from Kavita Kaushik comes after the news broke out that she’s been replaced by Kulraj Randhawa in what was supposed to be her upcoming film with Binnu Dhillon – “Naukar Vahuti Da”. Could that also be one of the reasons for resentment with Binnu? To know this, the team of contacted Binnu Dhillon for his take on the burning issue. 

This is what Binnu Dhillon said, “It’s a little surprising to know that Kavita ji, who I consider not just as a colleague but also a good friend has taken such a strong decision. However, it’s her right to do whatever she wants and I or nobody for that matter, can stop her from doing what she wants. I honestly believe that she’s a wonderful actress and her talent must come out in front of the Punjabi audience as well. I totally agree with her that she must do quality work and the audience must come to see her for her performance. In fact, I would be the happiest person the day she has marked her own identity in the industry exactly the way she wants.”

[h4] “I would be the happiest person the day she has marked her own identity in the industry exactly the way she wants”, says Binnu Dhillon. [/h4]

On asking if Binnu Dhillon would ever offer her any role, considering that she’s quite strongly made a statement of not working with him again, the Kala Shah Kala actor said, “If I am a producer of the film, and I have a script that requires an actress like her to play the role, I would 100% offer it to her and really really request her to do the film with me. I respect a talented actor like her.”

Speaking about Kavita’s eye-candy role in Vadhayiyaan Ji Vadhayiyaan, Binnu said, “I agree that in Vadhayiyaan Ji Vadhayiyaan she had that kind of a role in which she was required to play a charming Punjabi girl only but in Vekh Baraatan Challiyan, her role was as important as mine. If I talk about my recent film, Kala Shah Kala, the heroine (Sargun Mehta) has got equal importance and her character is as vital as mine. So I don’t agree that my films are just about me, myself.”

He added, “I can totally understand Kavita Kaushik’s resentment. There was a time when I used to do very small roles in big heroes films even when I knew that I was capable of more. My scenes were cut and it has taken me a long time and struggle and some tough decisions to reach a point in my career wherein the audience has accepted me as the male lead. That’s why I said that I would offer her a role whenever I get that kind of a script with me and I would be happy if she gets the kind of roles that she desires in others’ films.”

Speaking about Naukar Vahuti Da, Binnu said that he’s neither the producer or director of that film nor that big an actor who can have an influence over the casting decisions of the makers. He said that he’s absolutely no idea how the Kavita/Kulraj replacement happened. 

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