‘Bhajjo Veero Ve’ First Impression (Not A Review) : A film that has ‘Script’ as its HERO!

by Monita Sharma

Rhythm Boyz Entertainment and Hayre Omjee Studios has presented a film that made history before its release itself. Bhajjo Veero Ve which is perhaps one of the first films in Punjab which got released on a Saturday has stood out above most films released this year for the sheer brilliance of its script, tight screenplay, impeccable direction and amazing actors that knew what they were supposed to do!

First thing first : The film besides being the first film on Bachelors of Punjab also shines because of the fact that despite not having the default “set of comedians” among its starcast ends up being a blockbusting comedy simply because its written in a very powerful way. Full points to Amberdeep for coming up with an ‘out-of-the-box’ idea and weaving it so perfectly within a two-hour film. Equal amount of gratitude to the producers for bankrolling a novel idea and presenting it before the audience without having any ‘star’ as a hero. Well, with a reasonably good actor like Amberdeep in the lead and such a stupendous storyline, there wasn’t a need of star in a movie anyways.

That being said, Amberdeep seems to have found his own niche in Punjabi cinema now. He is your hero who who isn’t a star, but an actor. In fact, it’s not just Amberdeep but every actor in the film fits in their character like hand in a glove. The best part is that the heroine – Simi Chahal – also manages to find her strong foothold in a clearly male-dominated film. She isn’t there to just add to the glamour factor! Her role is pivotal to move the story forward and the chirpy actress amuses the audience with her cute expressions and dialogues.

However, the surprise package comes in the form of Guggu Gill – who you’d see in his old-avatar after a long time. Daunting, dignified, so very imposing, Guggu Gill, who turns out to be a bandit ‘Mama’ of our hero, steals the show with not just his physical persona but also leaves a strong impression otherwise.

Overall, Bhajjo Veero Ve is a film that proves that script is the actual hero of the film! A totally ‘hatke’ film, such films should be made more often and encouraged. A Complete family entertainer with wonderful music, it’s a must-watch!

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