BAND VAAJE Movie Review : Another Comedy Of Errors That’s Fortunately ‘Paisa Wasool’

by Monita Sharma

 Our rating: 3/5  

What can be termed as a “typical” Smeep Kang kind of cinema – a mix of comedy of errors with some elements of underwhelming romance sprinkled here and there, BAND VAAJE – the second outing of ‘Shah n Shah’ Films (with A&A Advisors) is a decent weekend getaway from the humdrum of daily life. 

As is evident from the trailer, this Binnu Dhillon and Mandy Takhar starrer is about a Pakistani girl who our hero falls crazily in love with (So crazily that he even chooses to work as a servant at the girl’s house) but when he eventually learns about her real nationality, he’s left in a Catch 22 situation. Neither can he live without the love of his life nor can he let down her grandmother (Nirmal Rishi) and brother (Smeep Kang), who are hell bent on marrying an Indian girl only. 

Without going much into the plot, it can be safely said that Band Vaaje has certainly some moments that will make you laugh hysterically – thanks to the perfect comic timing of Binnu Dhillon and Jaswinder Bhalla. Even Gurpreet Ghuggi, who plays the part of Inder (Binnu Dhillon’s) friend has worked amazingly in the film with whatever little role he was given. His accented Punjabi once again reminds us of his Munde UK De act. No matter which frame he is in, one is bound to giggle for sure.

One scene wherein Ghuggi and Binnu become the victims of electric shock is hilarious owing to the wonderful play of comedy by both even though the scene was perfectly illogical. In fact there are many illogical scenes in the film but hey, who asked us to bring our brains inside the theatre?

The dog biting scene is perfectly executed and Binnu, once again deserves full marks here. 

Talking about Mandy Takhar, although she looks ethereally beautiful in the traditional outfits (especially the yellow Kameez and Sharara), she certainly doesn’t at all appear like a college girl who is interested in studying for her exams (as was mentioned in the initial part of the film). Nevertheless, Mandy adds chutzpah with her charm in an otherwise male-dominated film. She’s decent and manages to grip our attention in whichever frame she appears. 

The downside of the film has to be its meaningless storyline. The fact that the girl is from Pakistan isn’t given any serious focus. Could it be that the film got edited a bit due to the current Indo-Pak crisis at the border?

Another area where the film drops is the use of high-pitched dialogues by the actors when there was no need of it.  

Shifting our focus to the cinematography and music, I thank Jatinder Shah for rendering a beautiful number like ‘Neend Na Aave’ and also, to the director for not filling the film with a lot of unnecessary songs just because the producer is a music director. 

The aerial shots of the foregin country are gorgeous. 

Overall, Band Vaaje is a perfect weekend getaway kind of a film which you won’t be disappointed watching with your family at all.

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