Ardab Mutiyaran Official Trailer Is Out: Meet The Fiesty ‘Babbu Bains’

by Monita Sharma

Ardab Mutiyaran Official Trailer – Movie Starring Sonam Bajwa, Ninja, Mehreen Pirzada, Ajay Sarkaria and many more is out! Read our review below!

From the trailer, it seems that though there are various characters in the movie played different actors of repute including Ninja, Mehreen Pirzada and the new entrant Ajay Sarkaria, yet the movie seems to be revolving aroud one character primarily, which is that of Babbu Bains, played by Sonam Bajwa.

Although many might recall Sonam’s Guddiyan Patole avatar after watching this trailer, yet there are no two thoughts about the fact that Sonam brings an entirely different shade to this one.

Here seems to be an ultra tomboyish, fiesty girl who isn’t afraid to play by her own rules, regardless how the society perceives her attitude. Babbu Bains is a finance recovery agent, who knows how to bend the customers to get the money. She has her own way and it isn’t just her tongue that speaks but her hands, legs and hockeys too! 

It is shown that even when she gets married, she doesn’t give in to the family traditions and scheming ladies, rather, she always takes a stand for herself. The rest of the cast especially, Ninja and Ajay Sarkaria seem to be totally fitting into their characters as well. Mehreen is pretty and seemingly, good in this role too. 

But the final verdict about Ardab Mutiyaran can only be given after watching the entire film in the theatre on 18th October. So far, so good! Expectations are high. Whether the film will be as entertaining as the trailer, we’ll have to wait and watch. 

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