Ammy Virk and Sargun Plan Different Things – No Qismat 2 Happening?

by Monita Sharma

Earlier in the year 2019, Ammy Virk had made an announcement via his Instagram account that the work on Qismat 2 – the sequel of his highly successful movie with Sargun Mehta has begun. However, now there’s a bittersweet piece of news for the fans of Qismat – that had broken all records in Punjabi cinema in 2018. 

Lekh New punjabi movie starring Ammy Virk and Sargun MehtaWhile it’s common in Punjabi cinema to hear about the change of release dates of various movies, but it’s a little uncommon to see the producers changing the titles of their films especially when it comes to sequels. 

The name of the a superhit film generally helps a lot in adding the ‘brand value’ to it and a lot of filmmakers achieve success by using this brand name even though sometimes, the movie has no meat in it except the big brand name. Take for example, a franchise like Dabangg or in our very own Punjab, Jatt and Juliet, Sardaarji or Carry on Jatt series. Even if the sequels are not as good in their content value as their Original versions, the movie still ends up recovering its cost owing to its brand value. 

Anyways, one such movie that almost became a ‘Brand’ in Punjabi cinema last year was Qismat starring Sargun Mehta and Ammy Virk. The movie was loved by both critics and masses alike and emerged as the highest grosser in Punjabi cinema at that time i.e. 2018. The ‘jodi’ of Sargun and Ammy received equal appreciation from all corners and even Tania, another actress of the movie, bagged many good offers after Qismat’s success. 

Earlier in this year, Ammy Virk and Jagdeep Sidhu, the director of Qismat had announced that they had begun work on Qismat 2. Even Sargun Mehta hinted on the same. But today an announcement by both the lead male actor and the captain of the ship on their respective Instagram profiles, has confused the audience quite a bit. 

While sharing a picture, Ammy Virk wrote, “Qismat, Sufna ton baad Lekh’ and mentioned the release date of the latter as 18th September 2020, which is the same date, when the actor-director duo had announced the release of Qismat 2. Not only this, both Ammy and Jagdeep tagged Sargun Mehta in this post. 

So considering the above information, it is almost clear that Qismat 2 will not happen. In fact, instead of using Qismat brand name, the team has decided to give a new name to the film in this series.

Lekh will release on 18th September 2020. 

Also, perhaps they are projecting ‘Sufna’ also a part of this series. 

Sufna, a film releasing on Valentine’s Day i..e.  14th February 2020 stars Ammy Virk and another Qismat girl, Tania in the lead roles. This film is also being directed by Jagdeep Sidhu. 

However, the producers of Sufna are not same as Qismat’s. While Qismat was produced by Shri Narottam Ji Productions, Sufna is bankrolled by Panj Paani Films. 

Now we wonder who will be producing ‘Lekh’? Will it be Sh Narottam Ji Productions or Panj Paani Films or Ammy Virk’s own production house or some other producer? 

This is something that we’ll have to wait a bit for as even Ammy didn’t reveal this part of the film in his today’s post. 

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