Ace beauty Expert Dr. Blossom Kochhar to judge OMC World Championship with Samantha Kochhar and Richa Aggarwal

by Monita Sharma

Renowned Beauty experts DR Blossom kochar, Samantha Kochhar and  Richa Aggarwal are going to represent India as Jury for OMC, World championship for the craft of hair & makeup championship.

The global championship is staged in Paris and happens to be the world’s biggest and most credible championship in the world of hair and aesthetics.

This is a moment of pride, glory, and jubilation as ace beauty expert Blossom Kochar along with Samantha kochhar and Richa Aggarwal  have been given the responsibility of becoming Jury for forthcoming OMC, World cup for hair crat and aesthetics championship.. OMC is world’s most renowned and respected organization, OMC ( ORGANISATION MONDIAL COIFFURE) in the field of makeup and hair craft. Forthcoming event will witness championship of hair and makeovers craft at its best. Seasoned hair and beauty professionals from across the world will showcase their skills and craft at the Parisian stage that shall be judged by an esteemed jury. This augurs well for India and Punjab as the country can now expect to see the participation of a wider scale on the global platform thus far more glorious display of culture at the global arena. 


On speaking about her  Role and responsibility as  a Jury for OMC, World’s most credible championship Dr Blossom Kochhar informed, “ I call this as supreme honour and acknowledgement go our ongoing event. OMC WORLD CUP CHAMPIONSHIP happens to be the most credible and coveted event that recognizes craft of seasoned beauty professionals throuh their craft in hair design and aesthetics. The event provides them a global plateform to showcase their skills and be judged by jury that is selected from across the world. We are going to represent India and this remains an opportunity for us to take India’s best from aesthetics and hair craft on world map and also do cultural exchane with around 50 participating countries. 

Adding to this Richa Aggarwal stated , ” I am overwhelmed for shouldering this new responsibility and thankful to Dr Blossom Kochhar and  World President / CEO, OMC, Salvatore Fodera for having faith in me. Dr Blossom Kochhar has been a motivating force throughout and without her seasoned support and guidance, this was not possible without her support.  I am hopeful that I will live up to her expectations. I along with Samantha Kochhar, beauty expert and Jury OMC, World championship look forward to judging the best of the talent that will gather from across the world over.

Samantha Kochhar was equally upbeat and stated, ” I am quite thrilled to witness the best of hair craft and trends in aesthetics from World over, Honestly speaking judging pool of talent gathered at one plateform from the World over will be a litmus task but I am confident that we are going to pick the best from the best. , ace 

ABOUT OMC ( Organisation Mondial Coiffure )

 OMC happens to be world’s most credible and largest professional hairstylists and makeovers organization and is responsible for hosting a very special and biggest Renowned Beauty expert Richa Aggarwal represents India as Jury for OMC, World championship for the craft of hair & makeupcompetition for professionals who thrive both in their careers and in the competitive hairdressing and makeup realm. With over 50  countries and over 2,000,000 individual members worldwide, this is a competition that invites around 1,000 selected participants on a global scale. Winners of various categories are selected by the OMC GLOBAL JURY PANEL. The panel includes 8 World Renowned Jurors, utilizing the OMC 30-point international scoring system, existing since 1946. OMC offers a Global platform to all competitors of the beauty sector of Hair, Aesthetics, and Nail to become World champions The World Organization is represented by a Board of Directors, composed of Global Directors and Zone Presidents. It is managed by the OMC World President / CEO Salvatore Fodera.


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