Richa Agarwal from Cleopatra Unveils Organic and Natural Summer Skincare and Makeover Trends

by Monita Sharma

Cleopatra Academy Students Showcase Summer Nail Art and Makeup Trends with a Creative Twist.

Chandigarh: Cleopatra hosted the “Organic Summer Beauty Themed Event,” a workshop and gathering aimed at providing insights into natural and Ayurvedic techniques for skincare and haircare, as well as showcasing the latest beauty and nail care trends. The event offered women from Tricity personalized guidance from experienced professionals on skincare, haircare, makeup, and nail care during the summer season. Renowned beauty and makeover experts, Richa Agarwal and Harveen Kathuria, shared their expertise on “Summer Makeup and Nail Art Trends 2023.”

This special event focused on promoting the use of natural and organic beauty routines, with Richa Agarwal and Harveen Kathuria conducting live demonstrations on natural skincare. They emphasized the advantages of avoiding chemical-based beauty products and services. The experts encouraged young individuals and women to choose more natural alternatives, as they offer long-term benefits for skin health. They highlighted various methods, including homemade remedies and organic product sourcing, to achieve these goals.

According to Richa Agarwal, “Today’s youth are eager to showcase themselves on platforms like Instagram and social media. In their quest for instant beauty results, they often resort to various methods. Unfortunately, this can lead to skin allergies and discoloration due to improper application of makeup and beauty products. Such practices can have long-lasting consequences, including permanent damage and health complications. We often encounter young individuals suffering from the side effects of chemical-laden products used on their hair and skin. To address this, we are steering them towards completely natural and organic beauty routines and products. This workshop also educates the youth on selecting the right products, understanding ingredients, correct usage, and aligning them with the specific needs of their skin and hair.”

During the event, Cleopatra Academy students showcased eye-catching looks using vibrant colors, making a statement in sustainable and eco-friendly styles ideal for the transition into summer beauty. Inspired by the colorful aesthetics observed at the Cannes Film Festival, the looks featured bold, vibrant, and fresh styles suitable for the summer season. Attendees also received tips on sunscreen application and selecting appropriate toners for maximum protection. Additionally, women were encouraged to try homemade fruit-based recipes for healthier and more beautiful skin.

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