Klueless 14 Hints | Clues | Answers | Klueless 2018

by Monita Sharma

IRIS 2018 – The annual management fest of IIM Indore brings to you its flagship online event Klueless – the 14th edition and this time, it is everything you want it to be and more. 

Klueless Season 14 will begin at 12:00:00 AM on the 16th of November 2017.  Gear up for even more mind numbing insanity and treasure hunting craziness than before. The Hall of Fame and glory await you at the end.


Registrations have begun at the site http://klueless.in/

My name is Monita and I play on behalf of my website. Here I’ll be posting the clues/hints for all levels as I play! 🙂


Level 1: The video file name’s MORSE. Use some online morse sound decoder. You get some gibberish…WELL, the answer’s pretty clueless….

Level 2: It’s some “Dot” code. But the hint says it’s not Dice. It’s not morse. So what is it? Something used by differently abled people. Decode using their code and then just google what you get. 

Level 3. Page title: Tic Tac Toe. Image suggests some kind of code/cipher. Google Tic Tac Toe cipher. It’s a name of another popular cipher. 

Level 4: You can reverse search the images separately which will give you some numbers. Numbers form a part of famous mathematical series. 

Level 5: Reverse search all the three images. Points to a famous hollywood actress who appeared in Friends. Then the image name is the name of the tattoo of another famous person. Who’s the link between the two? 

Level 6: A famous TV series. 

Level 7: Take images as Objects! Combine with the famous Fantasy character. 

Level 8: The third image points to a heart-wrenching event of WWII. Source code points towards a female writer who was recognized after her death. You gotta put the original book name. 

Level 9: The source code is composed of anagram. Solve that. The image name is a movie. Combine these two and you’ll get the name of a world-famous event. Someone besides movie stars, filmmakers, awards etc, also makes a Hat Trick (another clue given). 

Level 10: The image name and source code direct towards each other… kind of a loop. Reverse searching the Image name, takes to a different UNIVERSE’s powers and characters. However, the answer lies in one of some other Universe’s principal characters with similar ‘lightning’ powers related with loops too!  


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