Top 5 Most Meaningful Punjabi Movies of 2019

by Monita Sharma

The present day Punjabi movies are high not just in entertainment quotient but also give a number of life lessons. So, as the year 2019 is ending, here we are presenting you the list of the Top 5 Most Meaningful Punjabi Movies of 2019 that gave important life lessons apart from entertaining. 

top meaningful punjabi movies 2019

Top 5 Most Meaningful Punjabi Movies of 2019 


Directed and produced by Gippy Grewal ‘Ardaas Karaan’ is a masterpiece made this year that’s mini book on life lessons itself. Based on Gurbani, the film’s story is weaved in a way that it teaches one the importance of life and how to live it in a meaningful way. It also preaches that every moment of life is not just for living, but loving. 


Dealing with a social issue in a light-hearted manner, was Tarsem Jassar and Neeru Bajwa starrer Uda Aida that took on the obsession of our society on English language. Written by Naresh Kathooria and directed by Kshhitij Chaudhary, Uda Aida made a convincing point that speaking English might be necessary in today’s times but it doesn’t mean one should hate one’s native tongue. The film was especially loved for its child artistes’ remarkable performances. 


Tarsem Jassar’s movies are generally known for their meaningful content that can be enjoyed by the entire family together. Another of his film that made a mark this year was Rabb Da Radio 2 that through its interesting storyline taught the value of family relations and how important they are for living a fulfilling life. Though walls have separated houses but the walls should never separate hearts. 


An extremely innovative take on modern day feminism, Ardab Mutiyaran produced by White Hill Studios and directed by Manav Shah deals with how it’s mostly women who have to mould themselves according to the wishes of the family. The film showcases a fierce and tomboyish protagonist Babbu Bains played by Sonam Bajwa that lives life on her own terms and indirectly teaches us that women are no less than men in any way, and that marriage doesn’t mean that a girl would have to sacrifice her freedom and choices. 


A beautiful film that took our society’s obsession with the white skin, Kala Shah Kala deals with the story of a man who is ridiculed for his dark complexion and how no woman wishes to marry him. It’s a story of how this man hides his heart’s feelings, deals with inferiority complex and eventually wins everyone’s heart with his kindness. Kala Shah Kala was produced by Sargun Mehta and Binnu Dhillon who also played the lead roles in this movie. 

 So this was our list of the most meaningful films in Punjabi cinema in year 2019. Hope you enjoyed reading the same. 

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