Yaara Ve: Embarks On A Promising Box-Office Journey

by Monita Sharma

[h4] Opening to some houseful shows in Punjab, today’s movie release – Yaara Ve – has won over the hearts of Punjabis. [/h4]

Yaara Ve, which was touted as a joyful period film based on the pre-Independence era in Punjab, has opened to a great audience in theatres today. Starring Gagan Kokri, Monica Gill, Raghveer Boli and Yuvraj Hans in the lead roles, the film is directed by Rakesh Mehta.

Alongside the lead star cast of the film, stellar actors like veteran Punjabi actor Yograj Singh, Sardar Sohi, BN Sharma, Nirmal Rishi, Rana Jang Bahadur, Malkit Rauni, Gurpreet Bhangu have also played important roles in Yaara Ve. It’s a story about three friends of pre independent era and how partition affected their lives. It promises to be a complete emotional journey with humor which balances the seriousness of the film. 

The entire project is produced by ‘Golden Bridge Entertainment’ owned by Bally Singh Kakar.

Davinder Singh, an excited viewer said, “I enjoyed watching this film a lot. Everything, the story, comedy and emotions were on point. The message of the film has been beautifully conveyed. I just want people to go and watch ‘Yaara Ve’ with their family.”

Shavinder Kaur, another viewer outside a multiplex said, “We have not seen the times which have been shown in the film but the way they are presented, it was like we are living those moments. Acting of each artist is on point just feel this is a must watch for the people whose grandparents have lived that moment of partition.”

[h4]YAARA VE response at the theatres today in Punjab[/h4]

At this moment, the leading lady of the film, Monica Gill said, “We are so overwhelmed with the response of the audience. Right now we feel that our hard work has really paid off. ‘Yaara Ve’ and Naseebo will always be close to me. So, it definitely is on overwhelming feeling that the audience is really getting entertained watching the film. The reactions we are receiving are all so motivating. We just want to thank everyone for their immense love and support.”

yaarav 32

The lead actor from this film Gagan Kokri was quite exhilarated after getting the response and said, “Watching yourself on big screen with your family is a surreal experience. I am so thankful to God for blessing me with this opportunity. I am continuously getting messages and love from the audience. Yaara Ve was made with honesty and sheer hard work and it feels good that all our efforts are paying off so well. Lastly, I can only request that if you haven’t watched the film yet, please go and watch it in the theatres near you.”

“This project is not about figures and earnings only. Connecting with the audiences and their hearts matters more to us. We have put our soul in this film and the response we are getting is beyond our expectations. We thank God and each and every person who has supported us throughout the journey of Yaara Ve. Just keep supporting as always so that we can work better in future”, Rakesh Mehta, the director of film quoted.

‘Yaara Ve’ has already been released worldwide on 5th of April.

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