The iconic diner – Roadies Koffeehouz opens in Patiala, Unveiled by Prince Narula

by Monita Sharma

Patiala, August 26, 2022: The iconic Roadies Koffeehouz Diner known for its entertainment brewed with specialty coffee and modern cuisine – has forayed into the princely city of Patiala to serve its valued denizens. A sprawling Roadies Koffeehouz (RKH) outlet with a captivating restaurant and open air terrace, was unveiled by Big Boss Season 9 winner and former Roadies Gang Leader Prince Narula at Bhupindra Road, Behind DAV School, Model Town.

Sahil Baweja, brand owner of Roadies Koffeehouz said, “It is the first 24 x 7 eatery in Patiala! Its beautiful terrace open air dining in addition to the main floor makes the outlet a must visit for foodies from the city as well as from around Patiala. They will have a lot to relish along with a unique combination of specialty coffee, modern comfort food and loads of entertainment. The brand is already a rage in Chandigarh tricity, and is set to be so in Patiala too.” Ankit Gupta who is also a brand owner along with Sahil , Territory partner Shree Krishan and Vishesh Mittal, Franchise owner for Patiala were also present on the occasion.

Prince Narula said: “It is a privilege to have been invited to announce the opening of RKH Patiala, it is always a pleasure to visit the royal city. RKH is unique in more ways than one. It meets the aspirations of our youth in a holistic manner, which gives me a lot of satisfaction. RKH takes care of their tastes. The beverages span freshly made soda pops, coffee mocktails, pure ice cream shakes along with an indulgent cappuccino and mocha menu.”

Ankit Gupta, Brand Owner added that the cold beverages are served in special cans sealed right in front of customers. The specialty coffee blend, exclusively roasted for Roadies, features a specialty Arabica and a phenomenal naturally processed Robusta from the gorgeous hills of Coorg. This blend has been created after months of careful profiling and experimentation and is one of the finest representations of Indian specialty coffee.

Roadies Koffeehouz takes their food seriously and focuses on freshly cooked dishes with house made sauces, mixes, and marinades. The breakfast menu includes pancakes, 4-egg omelettes, and even stuffed French toast. Mediterranean and Mexican salads lead into mouth-watering sandwiches such as the ‘sloppy joe.’ The chef made pasta sauces are delicate yet full of flavour.

For the calorie conscious – the Fit Rider menu offers – smoothies, lettuce burgers and vegan coffee. Ensuring that you get your entertainment dose with the dining experience, the brand hosts amazing events such as comedy open mics, slam poetry, live music jams, art workshops, debates, and book readings and not to be missed Coffee tastings.

Talking about RKH’s expansion plans, Baweja said that he is planning to have his next outlets in Sec 7, Chandigarh and Ludhiana, after which RKH will enter Gujarat.

Must try at Roadies Koffeehouz

* Coffee – Hustle shot for more caffeine and more punch.

* Coffee Cherry Cola: nostalgia and modern fusion in a can.

* Ham and Cheese Bread Pakoras with Strawberry Chilli Chutney.

* Guacamole Sourdough toast!

* Plant Protein Keema pizza.

* Fantastico Tacos.

* Beast Mode Burgers.

* Fried Chicken Parma dinner.

* Veg Moussaka.

* Eggless pancakes and Stuffed French toasts.

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