Sufna: Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh’s Team Does TANIA’s Makeup

by Monita Sharma

Ever since the first look of Sufna’s lead heroine Tania’s first look from the movie has been out, the audience and her fans are wondering what are these cute little dots on the girl’s face?

Speaking exclusively with, both Tania and the male lead Ammy Virk revealed that these dots are actually freckles which were deliberately inserted with advanced makeup techniques on Tania’s face to make her character look more real. 

Tania Sufna Freckles

Expressing gratitude to his first ever Bollywood movie with Ranveer Singh, ’83’s makeup team, Ammy told, “I am really thankful to our makeup team from Mumbai who did our entire cast’s makeup in our upcoming Hindi movie, ’83 as well. We hired them especially to create Tania’s realistic look for Sufna based on the vision of Jaggi (Jagdeep Sidhu) Bhaj.”

“My character in Sufna comes from the lower strata of our society – daily wagers who work on the farms and are exposed to the Sun the entire day. Due to this, they often develop freckles – the red dots around nose and cheeks. We wanted the look to be as realistic as possible,” said Tania. 

It may be mentioned that Tania had to pass through a ‘Look Test’ conducted by the director, Jagdeep Sidhu to bag the role of a lead heroine in Sufna. 

What’s more interesting is the fact that Ammy Virk believes that Tania has done such justice to her role in Sufna that it’s HER who’ll be remembered by the audience when they come out of the theatre.

“I have no qualms in accepting that Sufna belongs to Tania. I have done my role as any other role fitting to the character to the best of my abilities, but it’s Tania who has actually stepped up her game and done something extraordinary.”

Speaking about what sort of pressure she felt to accomplish her task as the lead heroine in Sufna, Tania said, “I had no need to be nervous or anxious as I was blessed with co-actor like Ammy Virk and director like Jagdeep Sidhu. The atmosphere on the set was always kept very jovial and friendly by my team which made me feel very comfortable.”

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