Sonam Bajwa’s Electrifying Bhangra Sets The Internet On Fire: Godday Godday Chaa Trailer Sparks Frenzy

by Monita Sharma

The internet is buzzing with excitement as Sonam Bajwa’s electrifying Bhangra moves from the trailer of her upcoming Punjabi flick Godday Godday Chaa have sent fans into a frenzy. Social media is awash with chatter about her exhilarating performance, and anticipation for the release of the song is at an all-time high.

During a recent Instagram live session, the ravishing actress spilled the beans about the inspiration behind her mad Bhangra, revealing that she drew inspiration from a video of some village women who danced their hearts out at a wedding. Sonam also gushed about how much she loved working on the movie and how this is the first time she has seen the entire film before its official release.

The stunning starlet confessed that the shooting of the song was an absolute delight, and she didn’t want it to end. Sonam was all praises for her choreographer Kruti, who pushed her to abandon all inhibitions and unleash her inner dancer.

Watch the trailer till the end to see Sonam Bajwa’s crazy Bhangra steps

The vivacious actress encouraged her fans to take up the challenge and join her in doing the crazy Bhangra moves, and urged them to share their videos on social media.

The movie Godday Godday Chaa, helmed by the accomplished Vijay Kumar Arora and produced by the prestigious Zee Studios in association with V.H Entertainment, also features the charming Tania, Gitaz Bindrakhia, and Gurjazz in pivotal roles. Tania portrays Sonam’s sister in the movie, which takes a hilarious take on the Patriarchal Rituals of Punjabi society, set during an era when women were not allowed to accompany men in a Baraat.

Mark your calendars for 19th May, as Godday Godday Chaa is all set to hit the screens and take the box office by storm. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of entertainment, laughter, and unforgettable Bhangra moves!

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