Sonam Bajwa Shines as a Haryanvi Jaatni in “Kudi Haryane Val Di” Teaser

by IAP Network

In the recently released teaser for Kudi Haryane Val Di, Sonam Bajwa steals the spotlight with her portrayal of a Haryanvi Jaatni. The film, directed by Rakesh Dhawan, bridges the cultural gap between Punjab and Haryana, celebrating the vibrant Jatt and Jaat cultures of North India.

Here’s what you need to know about Sonam Bajwa’s captivating performance:

The Transformation: Sonam Bajwa’s metamorphosis into a Haryanvi Jaatni is commendable. From her attire to her body language, she embodies the spirit of the character effortlessly.

Haryanvi Dialogues: Sonam’s Haryanvi dialogues have already won hearts across Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, and beyond. Her authentic accent and expressive delivery add depth to the character.

Chemistry with Ammy Virk: Reuniting with Ammy Virk, Sonam creates magic on screen. Their chemistry, previously seen in hits like “Nikka Zaildar” and “Muklawa,” promises to be a highlight of the film.

Cross-Cultural Love Story: “Kudi Haryane Val Di” explores the romance between a Punjabi munda (Ammy Virk) and a Haryanvi Jaatni (Sonam Bajwa). The teaser hints at the challenges and joys of this intercultural relationship.

Release Date: Mark your calendars! “Kudi Haryane Val Di” is set to hit cinemas on June 14, 2024.

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