Ranveer Singh’s ‘Heartwarming Ode to Ammy Virk’ Sets Social Media Aflame, Says: ‘I Want to Be Like Him!’

by Monita Sharma

In a heartwarming gesture of camaraderie, Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh’s recent Instagram reel has taken the internet by storm as he showers immense praise on Punjabi actor Ammy Virk. The reel, which has gone viral, highlights the strong bond between the two actors who shared the screen in the blockbuster Bollywood movie ’83, based on India’s iconic victory in the 1983 Cricket World Cup.

In the video, Ranveer Singh can be seen speaking candidly about his dear friend Ammy Virk, emphasizing that he has never met anyone as genuine and kind-hearted as him. He describes Ammy as a person with a heart of gold, one who wears his heart on his sleeves, and a true inspiration both on and off the screen. Ranveer further expresses his admiration for Ammy’s recent successes and extends his heartfelt congratulations.

Ammy Virk, a celebrated superstar in the Punjab film industry, has garnered immense popularity with a string of blockbuster hits like the Qismat series, Sufna, Nikka Zaildar series, Harjeeta, Bambukat, and his latest release Maurh. His versatility and captivating performances have even won him a national award.

Excitement among fans reached new heights as Ranveer Singh hints at his aspiration to emulate Ammy Virk’s remarkable qualities, reflecting the admiration and respect he holds for the Punjabi actor.

On the professional front, Ammy Virk’s upcoming Punjabi film ‘Gaddi Jaandi Hai Chalaangaa Maardi,’ starring alongside Binnu Dhillon, is highly anticipated and is set to hit the theaters on 28th September.

This heartfelt display of friendship and mutual admiration has not only garnered immense attention but also served as a shining example of the strong camaraderie that exists between Bollywood and the Punjabi film industry.

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