Producer Karaj Gill Finally Answers the Burning Question: Why Ammy Virk as Jeona Maurh and Not Dev Kharoud? Unveiling the Surprising Reason!

by Monita Sharma

In an exclusive interview during the trailer launch of the highly anticipated film “Maurh,” producer Karaj Gill finally addressed the burning question surrounding the casting choices for the lead roles. With the film’s release date set for June 9th and the awe-inspiring trailer already leaving audiences spellbound, Gill shared his insightful thoughts on why Ammy Virk and Dev Kharoud were the ideal actors to bring Jeona Maurh and Kishna Maurh to life.

During their meticulous research journey, which even included delving into literature dating back to 1910, Gill and director Jatinder Mauhar made a remarkable discovery.

The records revealed that the physical characteristics of the real Jeona Maurh closely mirrored those of Ammy Virk, reinforcing their conviction in his portrayal. Gill emphasized that Ammy’s talent and commitment to his craft, along with the striking resemblance, made him the perfect embodiment of this iconic character.

Karaj Gill confidently stated, “Nobody else could have played the role better than Ammy Virk.”

Turning his attention to the character of Kishna Maurh, Gill praised Dev Kharoud’s inherent charisma and versatility, which made him the ideal fit for the role. He stated, “Dev Kharoud’s nuanced portrayal of Kishna Maurh adds depth and intensity to the narrative, making it an unforgettable cinematic experience.”

“Dev Kharoud’s nuanced portrayal of Kishna Maurh adds depth and intensity to the narrative, making it an unforgettable cinematic experience.”

In addition to discussing the casting choices, Gill unveiled his ambitious plan for a multilingual release of “Maurh.” Breaking the barriers of language, the film will be released not only in Punjabi but also in three other languages, taking Punjabi cinema to international audiences. Gill expressed his firm belief that the captivating story and extraordinary performances by the cast would resonate with viewers worldwide, transcending linguistic boundaries.

Gill’s visionary approach and the team’s unwavering dedication have resulted in the creation of one of the most expensive films in Punjabi cinema.

The trailer for “Maurh” has already mesmerized audiences with its breathtaking visuals, larger-than-life characters, and captivating landscapes. As the release date approaches, fans eagerly await the opportunity to witness this cinematic masterpiece.

Directed by the talented Jatinder Mauhar and produced by Karaj Gill, Jatin Sethi of Rhythm Boyz, and Naad Studios, “Maurh” is a collaborative effort that promises to redefine Punjabi cinema. Alongside Ammy Virk’s remarkable portrayal of Jeona Maurh and Dev Kharoud’s intense performance as Kishna Maurh, the film features a stellar cast, including Vikramjeet Virk, Jarnail Singh, Naiqra Kaur, Kuljindar Sidhu, and many other talented artists.

With the stage set for “Maurh” to make a resounding impact, celebrate the legendary tale of Jeona Maurh, and establish itself as a landmark achievement in Punjabi cinema, audiences around the world eagerly anticipate its release on June 9th.

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