Neeru Bajwa Unveils Bone-Chilling Poster for Hollywood Debut ‘It Lives Inside’ with Star-Studded Cast

by Monita Sharma

Hold on tight because Neeru Bajwa is about to make her Hollywood debut in the spine-chilling flick ‘It Lives Inside’, helmed by the brilliant Bishal Dutta. Joining her on this hair-raising adventure are renowned Hollywood stars, including Megan Suri from ‘Never Have I Ever’, Mohana Krishnan and Vik Sahay from ‘Captain Marvel’, and Betty Gabriel from the critically acclaimed horror hit ‘Get Out’.

The eerie and ominous vibe emanating from the poster, which features only Neeru Bajwa’s eyes and the ghastly hands of the unknown entity, will have you quivering with fear. Adding to the intrigue, Bajwa’s caption on the poster is sure to pique your curiosity!

Check out:

The film, directed by Bishal Dutta and co-written by Dutta and Ashish Mehta, features an impressive cast of Hollywood stars, including Megan Suri, Mohana Krishnan, Vik Sahay, and Betty Gabriel.

Produced by NEON, QC Entertainment, and a team of notable producers, ‘It Lives Inside’ promises to be a bone-chilling experience for horror fans, with the trailer set to be released soon.

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