Gurnam Bhullar’s ‘Parinda Paar Geyaa’: A November Treat in Punjabi Cinema

by Monita Sharma

Punjabi film enthusiasts are in for a delightful cinematic experience as the eagerly awaited movie ‘Parinda Paar Geyaa’ prepares for its much-anticipated release. The film features the dynamic Gurnam Bhullar and the enchanting Roopi Gill in leading roles, both of whom have etched their names in the annals of Punjabi cinema. Adding to the freshness, ‘Parinda Paar Geyaa’ introduces Gurnazar Chattha and Isha Sharma, promising a vibrant and engaging on-screen chemistry.

The first glimpse of the film arrived with the release of its title track, sung by none other than Gurnam Bhullar himself. With lyrics crafted by Khara and Gurnam Bhullar, and music composed by the talented duo Gaurav Dev and Kartik Dev, the title track has already struck a chord with music aficionados, amplifying the buzz surrounding the film.

While the film’s storyline remains shrouded in secrecy, this air of mystery only adds to the anticipation. Nevertheless, ‘Parinda Paar Geyaa’ is expected to deliver a captivating narrative that will resonate deeply with audiences.

Directed by Ksshitij Chaudhary, known for his skill in crafting compelling stories, this film raises the bar for expectations. ‘Parinda Paar Geyaa’ is scheduled for release on November 3, 2023, and promises to soar to new heights in Punjabi cinema.

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