5 Ways to Care for Your Skin Before and After a Swim: Richa Agarwal

by Monita Sharma

It’s not easy to control yourself from having a good dip in the pool during the scorching summer. But the harmful effects of chlorine and some harsh chemicals used in a swimming pool, take a toll on your skin, making it tanned and sometimes causing certain skin reactions. However, here are some tips from renowned makeover and beauty expert – Richa Agarwal from Cleopatra Makeovers (Spa and Salon) to help you enjoy your swim without having to fear from any detrimental effects of the chemicals. 

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1. Prep your skin with a barrier cream

“Chlorine is added to swimming pools to disinfect and prevent the rise and spread of bacterial, viral and protozoan diseases,” says Richa. To avoid that uncomfortable itch and redness,  she suggests prepping your skin with a barrier cream before getting in the pool. Look for products with glycerin, oils or petrolatum listed on the ingredients. Bonus if it contains dimethicone, which forms a seal between the chlorine and your delicate skin.

Shower and moisturize immediately post-swim

Don’t wait until you get home to shower after a swim. “Rinse off right after!” cautions Richa adding, “Do not let the chlorinated water sit on the skin for a long period of time. 

[h2] Moisturizer[/h2]

If your skin is still feeling dry/flaky after you get home from the pool, switch to a thicker moisturizer or ointment.  “Apply a thick emollient (ointment) to the skin from the neck down before going to bed,” she suggests.

 Don’t forget your face

Swimming may be as dry and irritating for the face as for the rest of your body. “Hydration before and after swimming is key,” she says. “And remember to rinse your face right after the pool, too!”

 Don’t air dry!

After a cool dip, you may be tempted to just lie on your towel and let the sun dry you off. That’s not the best idea. There is a misconception that air-drying is beneficial for the skin, but that’s simply not the case. Air-drying will lead to more dryness of the skin. Richa recommends rinsing off with clean water and then drying yourself with a cotton towel instead.  

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