Yaara Ve Review: For the first time, something positive on “1947”

by Monita Sharma

A film which feasts the eyes, tugs at the heartstrings, deals with a strong subject, delivers an important message, without anywhere missing out on the “entertainment” quotient, is how we can describe Rakesh Mehta’s YAARA VE in one sentence! 

Produced by Bally Singh Kakar, Yaara Ve revolves around a simple theme of friendship that stands the test of time. However, the differentiator here is that this friendship is between three friends belonging to three different religions – a Hindu, a Sikh and a Muslim. Sounds a little like a rairty in today’s times? However, back in Punjab before partition, this is how the way of life was, wherein it didn’t matter which sect or religion you came from, as “Punjabi” was the only identification that people of that beautiful era knew of.

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For those who maybe imagining Yaara Ve to be a little on the sombre side of things as it touches a sensitive theme of partition should be rest assured after reading our review as this film only brushes past this subject like a tangent, and is far from evoking any harrowing memories of those times. 

In fact, film Yaara Ve can be well regarded as a “need-of-the-hour” kind of film considering the unrest we are experiencing in our country when it comes to the issue of “religion”. The film effectively portrays how life was simple and joyful during the months preceding the partition with the innocent people hardly knowing anything about the politics of the issue. 

Rakesh Mehta and team have effectively shown the ground-reality of Punjabi during those days and the fact that it was never Punjabis who wanted partition, but ironically, they were the ones who suffered the most. 

Talking about the technical aspects of the film, Yaara Ve scores full points here. Each and every frame of the film is a treat to watch suggesting top-notch cinematographic skills and the hardwork that went into creating the stunning sets. A big round of applause for the Art Department here. 

While many might find the first half a little dragged, the second half is gripping enough to compensate for that. The dialogues and the music both help in carrying forward the story and thankfully, the situations are pleasant enough to make us laugh without the aid of a plethora of comic one-liners. 

Acting department is decent enough. There’s no one in the film that you can pinpoint and say that they didn’t fit into their character. Every actor seems to be well-fitted into their roles. While Monica Gill looks splendid in traditional outfits, Raghveer Boli makes his special presence felt with his awesome acting skills. Gagan Kokri seems to have improved a lot since his ‘Laatu’ days. Yuvraj is always an amazing actor to see whenever he comes on screen. 

Veterans have done what they were supposed to do. No one stands out in any special way though. 

Overall, Yaara Ve is a light-hearted family entertainer with the “Punjab of 1947” as its backdrop. Do not expect this film to highlight any socio-political matters of those times. 

Iampunjaabi.com Rating: 3.5/5




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